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A List of the Most Obnoxious Sports Fans — (

Obnoxious sports fans

I found this blog post about obnoxious sports fans randomly a couple weeks ago and it really struck a chord with me, so I figured you guys would like it too. Obnoxious sports fans can always make your day much worse. I’m one of those weird guys that is just as happy watching a game alone, as I am watching a game with a bunch of friends — or a bunch of strangers.


Watching a Game Alone

When you’re not with anyone, you can yell all you want, scream, say silly things and break out all of your ridiculous superstitions (I have to be breathing out on all free throws and when the ball is snapped for a field goal).

You can watch TV in your boxers or while wearing your lucky jersey that hasn’t fit you in a decade. You can go to the store and get exactly what you want to eat, and as much as you want, without having to battle other cavemen or divvy it up so everyone gets some.

You can celebrate with your dog, who loves all the screaming and running around and matches your enthusiasm every time. Or if your team loses, your pup is there to lick your wounds — or your face, for that matter.


Obnoxious sports fanWatching a Game With Friends

One of my problems watching a game with my friends is that they are rarely rooting for my team. We usually have conflicting opinions on who should win. So I don’t need their bad karma washing all over my club. Plus, no matter what, at the end of the game, you’re going to have some guys that are very unhappy — and one of those guys could be you!


Watching a Game With Strangers

There’s something weird about watching a game with strangers (usually if they are rooting for the same team as you). Think about when you are at a bar and Team USA is playing in any Olympic or International sport. The whole bar is usually united, chanting the yanks on to victory!

But when you are watching a game among strangers that have no rooting interest in your team, it definitely mutes your enjoyment of the game — especially if you have to also hear this random guy’s opinion on why your team sucks.

So enjoy this blog by — and enjoy watching a game alone, with friends or with strangers — just don’t be one of these obnoxious sports fans!


A List of the Most Obnoxious Sports Fans

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1 Comment

  1. bryandroth

    June 23, 2012 at 6:32 am

    I often enjoy watching a game alone … after my obsessive interest drives away The Missus from the same room.

    A friend of mine wrote a similar column last week (pretty funny):

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