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This summer, I’ve come to e-know Garrett from and I’ve admired the work he puts in each day, to make sure Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football owners get links to the best content on the web each day. This isn’t a straight RSS feed – he literally combs through articles to pull out the gems, and he updates it several times a day. So I sent him a handful of interview questions to learn a little more about Garrett, the Goose and – Enjoy!


David Gonos: What’s your fantasy background? How long have you been playing, etc.? Compared to most in the industry, I am a relative newcomer to Fantasy sports.  My first draft was in 1999 when a few of my college buddies and I had an Fantasy Baseball auction draft one Saturday afternoon.  It was such a good time we threw out our rosters and did it again the following week.  Needless to say, when I stole Carlos Febles for $1, I was hooked.

I must admit I am a baseball fan first. I didn’t join my first Fantasy Football league until 2005 when those same college buddies forced me to join just so they could maintain contact with me. I won the league that season with Jake Plummer as my starting quarterback (I think I may be the only person to have ever said that aloud) and they wouldn’t let me quit. 7+ years later, here we are.

DG: When and why did you start your site? For years I had always been searching for a site like  A site that would compile rankings, projections, cheat sheets, and analysis, but also keep the content updated. You don’t know how many times I would find compiled fantasy baseball rankings that were 3-4 years old.  I decided to start the site in November 2008, after fruitlessly searching for offseason baseball content at work. That night I went out to dinner with my wife and told her of the concept.  It was by no means original, but I knew I would differentiate the site by updating it multiple times a day. She was tired of hearing all of the great ideas that I would never follow through on, so to spite her, I started the site the next day.  Since that night, I have updated the site every single day, minus two due to the birth of my daughter, Ryan. She owes me.


DG: You’re not just an RSS Feed. You actually check out the pieces and make sure they are worthy for your readers. What are some of the things you look for in an article?


FantasyRundown.comRSS feeds are extremely useful tools, but there is no filter whatsoever. I try to ensure the articles I post are insightful, accurate, and entertaining. Essentially, something that I would want to read.


DG: You don’t usually like to post links to mock drafts. Why is that, and what else do you avoid?


FantasyRundown.comI was a math major in college (insert joke here) and I can’t help but preach the importance of sample-size. Mock drafts are one sample, which tells you nothing. What if there is a run on TE in the mock draft? Someone could misconstrue the value of that position. Utilize ADP data, not single mock drafts.

I also avoid mailbag articles. I find them a bit lazy, but mainly I don’t like when they are filled with questions asking for a breakdown of a 9-player trade in some random person’s fantasy league. In what way does answering those questions help the masses?


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