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And on the seventh day, God rested … so he could read up before his Fantasy Football draft. Big Saints fan.

2014 Fantasy Quarterback Rankings


As we dig into the 2014 Quarterback Rankings for the upcoming season, we’re always reminded of the fact that the NFL has not just become more of a passing game, but they’ve officially hit the [...]

2014 Fantasy Running Back Rankings


Every draft season, this is one of the most popular pages on my site. The 2014 Fantasy Running Back rankings shouldn’t be any different, as most people believe that running backs are the lifeblood of [...]

2014 Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings


As I post my 2014 Fantasy Wide Receiver rankings, I think back to the late ‘80s and most of the ‘90s, when 49ers legend Jerry Rice was one of the greatest Fantasy players ever. I [...]

2014 Tight End Rankings


Are you willing to use a first-round pick on tight end Jimmy Graham? My 2014 Tight End rankings indicate there are several tough questions like this you’ll have to answer. More tough questions include, “Are [...]

2014 Fantasy Kicker Rankings


Listen, don’t feel bad that you’re checking out our 2014 Fantasy Kicker rankings. At some point, everyone has to take a look to see who will end up being your team’s last pick of the [...]

2014 Fantasy Defense Rankings


I recently discussed the 2014 Fantasy Defense Rankings in an upcoming column over at, and now it’s time to share it with my readers on my site. We’ve watched the Seahawks defense wreak havoc [...]


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