Drunken GFY Fantasy Football 2012 Keeper Draft Recap

“Fu*k Roy Heelooo!” That was stated at the midway point of Saturday’s GFY Fantasy Football 2012 Keeper Draft. But I’m getting ahead of myself …

This draft happens to consist of myself, Jamey Eisenberg (CBSSports) and Eric Mack (SportsIllustrated.com) – notice how I put myself first? That’s ‘cuz I was writing Fantasy at CBS well before those two (Emack was in the newsroom initially). They both play on a (formerly CBSSports) softball team with me.

For those unfamiliar with our rittarded softball buddies, feel free to read over this primer. Many of us also take awesome baseball trips together to places like Boston/NY/Philly and Washington, D.C.

George cleans the pool before the GFY Fantasy Football 2012 Keeper Draft

George doing some late pool clean-up before the draft began. He’s Australian, so the draft order actually goes backwards for him, starting with pick 12 and going down to pick 1.

For the past few years, we’ve done a non-keeper Fantasy Football league, so this year we wanted to ramp up the fun and make it a keeper league. We also usually do our drafts at the bar after a softball game, but this year, we wanted to make an event out of the draft. And when the strip club couldn’t confirm the reservation, we decided to have it at George’s house (he has a pool).

The following pictorial should help tell the story of how the draft went. The first five or six rounds went great, but once we were officially inebriated (most of us), things came unraveled.


GFY Fantasy Football 2012  Keeper Draft

First, we needed everyone to show up on time, at 11am on a Saturday (Aug. 18). Why so early? No idea. I tried to get everyone to agree to at least noon, but someone (Dwyne) had a pedicure or something. So we had it at 11am.

Dwyne’s roommate, Dr. Joe, was nowhere to be found. After many phone calls, we gave up and decided to just draft for him (which basically meant he’d have a FAR better team than if he showed up in person.)

Secondly, after much discussion, we decided that the only players that were NOT keeper-eligible, will be the ones drafted in the first seven rounds.

DG2 grills some chicken wings

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