Great Customizable Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Jul 26

Great Customizable Fantasy Football Draft Boards

A few years ago, when Fantasy Football draft boards first started coming out, we were all excited about how much better it made our draft parties.

We made a big deal about going up and putting your players’ stickers up on the board, in many cases, using that sticker to tell people who you just drafted in a dramatic way. Hearing the groans (or the giggles) after you smoothed out that sticker on the board and said his name just made the draft that much more emotional.

But now, we’ve evolved into a situation where we want a little more out of our draft boards. They’ve stayed the same for about a decade now, and we want some improvements.

The guys at have come through for you -– and they’ve come through with a $5-off coupon for those that use the code: “Gonos5″!

5 Things That Suck About Your Old Fantasy Football Draft Boards

Let me list off some pain points from the old, standard Fantasy Football draft boards you used to get:

  1. Your commissioner’s handwriting sucks: He scribbles down the league name across the top, but of course, he didn’t plan it out right, so half the name is scribbled much shorter than the other half, just so it fits.
  2. Which team is up again?: The team names are barely legible, with half written down as owner names and half as team names.
  3. The creases make things tough: With a folded draft board, you end up sticking up a huge piece of paper that has super creases making it tough to lay flat on the wall.
  4. Too much extra space: If our league is 10 teams deep and only 14 rounds, why do we have a draft board that’s 20 teams wide and 20 rounds deep?
  5. High Roller league with a Penny Slots draft board?: Is your league a high quality league? And are you sick of filling out a draft board that looks like it was pulled out of your nephew’s coloring book?


Customizable Fantasy Football Draft Boards

What’s the best way to fix all of those problems? Well, I’m glad you asked.

The guys at have come up with some pretty awesome customizable Fantasy Football Draft Boards. I’m going to explain the costs backward, rather than tell you what the initial cost is and then build up to the end with the add-ons.

Fantasy Football Draft Board

But first, understand that each purchase comes with:

Fantasy Football Draft Board-Vegas-Font

Draft Board with the Vegas font

  • Draft board printed on heavyweight, coated 20-lb. paper
  • Over 450 player stickers
  • Shipped in a tube, so there’s not hard creases every eight inches
  • Every NFL Teams’ bye weeks printed in the corner
  • Formatted to however many teams your league has
  • Formatted to however many rounds your draft has
  • Preferred font – either Vegas or Athletic (as seen in the pics below)
  • A shipping cost of $6
  • If you use the code “gonos5” you’ll get $5 taken off, so your shipping basically becomes just $1!


Fantasy Football Draft Board-Athletic-Font

Draft Board with Athletic Font

Price Breakdowns

For $46 (WITH COUPON CODE “Gonos5″), you’ll get a customized draft board with all of the above – and –:

  • Your League Name printed across the top
  • Your Team Names printed on stickers for you to place where they land in the draft
  • Your draft’s location or slogan printed on the board

Draft Board Team LabelsIf you don’t care about getting the team labels, then you can take off $5, and get everything else for $41, shipped, with coupon code “gonos5”.

If you don’t care to have your team name printed on the draft board, then you can take off another $10, and get everything else for $31, shipped, with coupon code.

That would essentially be a generic draft board where you can just write in the league name and team names, etc. It will still come to with the league-size and draft length you want, the 450 player stickers, and the NFL bye weeks listed.


Taking Your League to the Next Level

SnB-Guys-150x150Getting these customized Fantasy Football draft boards will make your draft parties a little more special – and you’ll have a shipping tube to store your draft board for years to come. Break them out at every draft in the coming years, making fun of the guy that drafted a fullback in the sixth round, and make your draft an even better experience every year.

Remember when you agreed/disagreed with me!?! ... Feel free to leave a comment or share it with friends/enemies!

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