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Beer makes the world go round. Don’t judge me. I’m not a beer snob, although I do love some snobby beers!

A Fantasy Football Beer Lineup


I'm Bryan. I like beer. Will you like beer with me? I write a little blog over at This Is Why I’m Drunk where I review craft beers and document my start as a homebrewer. Come [...]

Beer Experts Tips To Drinking Beers


You know how playing softball once a week doesn’t make you a Major League Baseball player? Well, I’ve been drinking beer for, well, at least 39 years now. (I have pics of tasting a beer [...]

Becoming an Amateur Beer Expert


When you decide to become an amateur beer expert, I’ve realized it’s kinda like saying, “I’m gonna become an off-screen porno actor,” or “I’ve decided to become a critic of sportscasters.” In other words, DUH! [...]

Get Warm Beer Cold Quickly


On the show, “Mythbusters,” the strange nerds do stuff to try to prove, or disprove, common myths. Stuff like, can a bunch of balloons bought at a carnival really carry off a small child? (It took [...]


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