Top 10 Fantasy Golfers for DFS Value in 2015

Jul 31

Top 10 Fantasy Golfers for DFS Value in 2015

If you look at the rankings for the 2015 top 10 golfers on the PGA Tour right now, you probably won’t see many surprises. It’s all based upon performance, which is public knowledge and it’s even ranked in the form of the FedEx Cup rankings. When it comes to Daily Fantasy Golf, though, your approach needs to be much different than just looking at the top 10. Not only because you can’t realistically draft many of these golfers at once because of the salary cap, but because the prices of many of these golfers is too high in comparison to what they will contribute in fantasy points. In this regard, let’s look at the Top 10 Fantasy golfers in the FedEx Cup rankings, and then show what you should be looking for when drafting your roster. Remember, you have 6 golfers to choose from, and there’s no way that you can choose 6 from the top 10 list because of price. Still, get a good start, and the rest of your roster will take care of itself if you haven’t spent too much to secure high scorers for yourself. Top 10 Fantasy Golfers in DFS Value   1. Jordan Spieth When you’re the No. 1 ranked golfer, everyone wants you on their roster. That doesn’t help you at all when you’re trying to get the top guy at a good price. Spieth is a great golfer for sure, but he has so-so value in daily leagues. He’s too expensive, and while he will give you good results, drafting him will hurt the rest of your...

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