Best World War II Movies of All Time: Mock Draft

May 28

Best World War II Movies of All Time: Mock Draft

Memorial Day is upon us once again, and we’re all asked to reflect and honor all of the fallen American soldiers that have died in wars. Outside of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in recent decades, my generation really doesn’t have much exposure to the World Wars, Korea or Vietnam – outside of the movies. But we all know World War II, which made me rank the best World War II Movies of all time. In Hollywood, World War II movies reign supreme. I think it’s the combination of two theaters of war, with several landscapes ranging from French countryside, or Eastern European ghettos, Pacific islands or North African deserts. And there have been fewer villains in modern history able to match the evil and hatred built up for/against Adolf Hitler and his Nazi soldiers. Without question, the horrors of World War II have produced some of the greatest stories on film. Their entertainment value is unquestioned, but really, my generation has learned more about The Greatest Generation through these movies than anywhere else. If I were doing a mock draft of movies, here are my favorite World War II films. I have a couple rules – there has to be some sort of combat (Casablanca was great, but too much piano, not enough German tanks). My other rule is the subtitles have to be few and far between (although a couple made it into Round 2). If I wanted to read about World War II, I’d look it up on the Interwebs.   Best World War II Movies of All Time: Mock Draft   ROUND ONE 1.01 Saving Private Ryan The first 20 minutes are up there with the top 20 minutes in all of film, including “The Godfather” scene when Michael takes out the other dons, the chariot race in “Ben Hur,” and in “Mrs. Doubtfire” is running back and forth, changing costumes at dinner with his family and also trying to get a job with Mr. Lundy’s TV station. Think Dan Marino: Great right out of the gate.   1.02 The Great Escape Steve McQueen was a notorious race fiend, and he reportedly forced them to add the motorcycle chase scene at the end. Knowing that...

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