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You take the good, you take the bad, you take ’em both and there you have — television from the past 50 years.

Saturday Morning Cartoons


I'm 40 years old, which means that my formative years (from 6-15 years old) were in the perfect Saturday Morning Cartoons time period of 1977-86. Five years earlier (1971) and there would have been way fewer cartoons available to watch on Saturday (there wasn't even any electric back then!) And five later (1991), after the cable boom, and the Looney Tunes were already starting to be phased out by politically correct censors.

ESPN Suspending Bill Simmons is Their Own Fault


There’s a very thin line between entertainment and news -- and a major network got burned by their own decisions, as ESPN suspending Bill Simmons for three weeks really just proves they want him to be honest, [...]

10 Greatest Sports Rants of All-Time


Anyone that listens to Jim Rome on the radio knows that he gets about 25 percent of his drops from amazing and insane press conference blowups from athletes and coaches. For the most part, athletes [...]

Top 5 SNL Athletes Skits


When athletes host Saturday Night Live, they generally get great ratings. This happens for a couple reasons: 1. Fans love athletes and they love when they make the transition to sketch comedy well. 2. Athletes [...]


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