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I’m a world traveler stuck in the budget of a paperboy. Agoraphobics must be millionaires.

Fenway Park, Boston, 2009 GFY Tour


Getting you caught up to speed: Seven 30-something softball buddies on a five-day, four-stadium baseball tour, starting at Fenway Park in Boston. I went to the Marlins game at Land Shark Stadium in Miami, and then [...]

Our Kentucky Derby Trip


The following is a blog I wrote five years ago, back in 2007, as part of a series about a trip I took with some friends to see the Kentucky Derby. While you might not [...]

Tout Wars: Drunk in New York


As some of you might know, I'm a Fantasy sports writer. You can tell because I capitalize Fantasy -- who else does that? Well, this past weekend, I took a trip to New York City [...]


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