My 10 Favorite Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts

May 10

My 10 Favorite Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts

Over the past three years, no tool has become more important for Fantasy Baseball owners than Twitter. They can check lineups well before the game’s start, as the MLB team beat reporters post them, they can get people to rate their drafts and they can ask Fantasy Baseball experts who to start and sit.

UPDATE: I recently wrote a post with a much bigger list — “99 Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts You Should Follow,” enjoy!

I mentioned in a previous article How to Get Fantasy Writers to Answer Your Questions, and now I’m turning my attention to the top Twitterererers. So I thought it was important to share with you my 10 favorite Fantasy Baseball Twitter accounts. (I also listed the Top 66 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts You Should Follow.”


Favorite Fantasy Baseball
Twitter Accounts

@BaseballGuys – Ray Flowers of

Ray uses a good mix of news, advice and solid retweets to keep people informed and happy.


@EricMackFantasy – Eric Mack of

Emack is a former co-worker of mine. We both held down the fort on Fantasy Baseball  at for most of the 2000s. In an earlier column, where I explained he’ll usually answer anything on Twitter. But be forewarned, “… if you ask me a question, don’t bother arguing with my answer. I won’t care what you have to say.”


@KarabellESPN – Eric Karabell of

EK has been talking Fantasy Baseball on TV longer than anyone else – and he has one of the best blogs in the biz.


@MikeGianella —  Mike Gianella of RotoThinkTank

Relative newcomer to the Tout Wars family, tosses out tons of answers to Fantasy Baseball questions each day.


@NandoCBS – Nando Di Fino of

Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts You Should Follow!Nando is one of my closest friends in the industry. We’ve spent many a drunken night in NYC before our Tout Wars drafts. He’s a main character in the best-selling book, FantasyLand, and now he’s one of the hosts of’s Fantasy Baseball 360 daily videos. If you haven’t checked that out yet, get on it – it’s live every day at 5pm ET.


@SchwartzStops – Cory Schwartz of

Nobody answers more Fantasy questions than Cory. Great guy, excellent writer and a proficient Twitterer. He’s also a member of the Tout Wars crazy story guys.


@StatsGuru – David Pinto of

This guy has been blogging about baseball for over a decade now.


@SultanofStat – Tristan Cockcroft of

Cockcroft was my mentor coming up at CBSSports, which was then Who knows more about baseball: Emack or Tristan? It’s an arm-wrestling match for the ages.

A great Fantasy Baseball RSS feed that pulls in articles from Rob Neyer to to FanGraphs to


@Tim_Heaney – Tim Heaney of

Yet another good guy coming from the Tout Wars owners. Obvious connection to Fantasy player updates make his Twitter feed a solid mix of articles and player news.


And obviously ,you should be following ESPN’s Matthew Berry, who is pretty much the face of Fantasy Sports these days.


And don’t forget to follow me! @DavidGonos


Two Bonus Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts to Follow

And two bonus websites you should check out and also follow on Twitter.

Pretty sweet trade rating engine based on user votes.


@FakeTeams —

Consistent conversationalist about Fantasy Baseball from SBNation.

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