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“10 Fantasy Commandments” Sign – Great Fantasy Football Gift!

Fantasy 10 Commandments - Fantasy Football Gift

A friend of mine created this 7-inch-by-7-inch sign for your wall or your desk that makes for a great Fantasy Football gift – either for your commissioner, a Fantasy friend or for yourself!

For just $9.95, it’s at just the right price! You’ve probably paid more in Fantasy Football magazines this summer alone!

You can put this on your desk (it comes with a dowel stand that allows it to stand upright), or you can hang it from your office or cubicle walls.

A Fun Fantasy Football Gift For Anyone

I came up with the commandments, so I really hope it makes you laugh like I hoped it would. Without getting too R-rated, I thought these were fun Fantasy commandments we should all live by! Click here to buy it for $9.95!

Fantasy 10 Commandments -- Fantasy Football Gift

Our 7″x7″ sign helps you not come in last!

“10 Fantasy Commandments”

Thou shalt have several leagues, but love only one.

Thou shalt not love thy fantasy team more than thy NFL team.

Thou shalt always take thy commissioner’s name in vain.

Remember NFL Sunday and keep it holy.

Honor Peyton Manning’s father and mother.

Thou shalt not commit murder, after losing on an MNF extra point.

Thou shalt not commit adultery with opponent’s wife.

Thou shalt not steal from newbies.

Thou shalt not bear false injury news against thy neighbor.

Thou shalt not covet thy opponent’s ridiculously good luck.

Again, it costs just $9.95 plus shipping, which you can get shipped for $3.95 if you use the code “GONOS” – they usually charge more for shipping, but we asked for a reduced price for our readers. You can buy it here!

Buy this Fantasy Football gift for the Fantasy person in your life – or just for yourself. Who roots for your team more than you!?! These “10 Fantasy Commandments” could someday save your Fantasy life!



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