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5 Great Gifts for Men — According to Men

Mustache shower curtain

Father’s Day is kinda like the Double-A ball of holidays compared to Mother’s Day, wedding anniversaries and birthdays. You know why? Because guys don’t expect much. Great gifts for men are rare it seems, but they don’t mind. Someone can give them a tie, as expected, or a ceramic ash tray, even though they haven’t smoked in 18 years, and that’s good enough for Pops.

You know why?

Because Dads are awesome.

Fatherhood is a life changing experience. Know someone who’s going to become a father soon? A friend of mine has recommended giftunicorn for some unique gift suggestions just for expecting dads. There’s plenty of choice to suit even the most particular fathers!

Ultimately, great men deserve great gifts for men. So rather than just getting him another tie (get him one of those after his first colonoscopy!) or some leatherbound books (for him to rest his Kindle on), here are some interesting gift ideas for dear old Dad. It might also be worth having a look for coupon codes to soften the blow on the more expensive presents from somewhere like PromoCodeWatch!

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Awesome Manly Book

Adam Carolla, In 50 Years We'll All Be ChicksRemember when you got your mom “Fifty Shades of Grey” and then she ran off to her room, and you didn’t see her for days? Well, Adam Carolla’s “In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks” won’t evoke the same level of heated passion as “Fifty Shades,” but it is guaranteed to make your Dad laugh. For less than $10, hook the man up on his Kindle with one of the funniest books of the past 10 years. This non-fiction masterpiece is even better on audio book, as Carolla himself reads it, and then adds several rants that aren’t in the written book.

In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks” e-book: $9.99

Awesome Liquid to Get Him Drunk

Craft Beer of the MonthHave you ever had to deal with you? Can you imagine what your Dad has gone through all these years, trying to raise you and your siblings? Hook a man up with the gift that keeps on giving! The Craft Beer of the Month Club delivers 12 world-class craft beers (WITH bottle caps and bottles, I might add). He’ll get three bottles each of four different craft beers – with FREE shipping! … Don’t you love Daddy?

Craft Beer of the Month Club: $37.75 with Free shipping!

Awesome Set of Tshirts

Grab a few of the best tshirts in the land from and you’ll make him happy, and all of the people that get the random references! If you spend over $75, you’ll also get free shipping! He can wear his new tshirt while he takes you out to dinner as a thank you! He can wear his new tshirt to that casual church he loves so much. He can wear his new tshirt when he goes out with his buddies, listening to one friend make fun of another friend, saying, “You don’t get it!?!”

Great tshirts from $20 each

Finkel tshirt Callahan Auto Parts Tshirt Suck it Trebek

Awesome Stuff to Put On Stuff

Hot Sauce of the MonthMost manly men like to put hot sauce on things. Personally, I like hot sauce on almost any rice or potato dish, and I love it on popcorn. So why not hook papa up with a three-month setup with the Hot Sauce of the Month club? Not only will he love it, but the capsaicin in the hot sauce will improve his digestion (for real!).

Hot Sauce of the Month: $36

Awesome Thing to Keep Water Off the Floor

Mustache shower curtainOver 50 percent of marriages end in divorce – and the remainder ends in death!!! … Really makes you think … Where was I? Oh, divorce! If your pop is living the single Dad life, he is also likely living the “half-assembled household” life. So why not help him out with a chic new mustache shower curtain! It’s hip! It’s cool! It’s de rigueur (that means waterproof in Frenchy talk)! The Gentleman’s Shower Curtain by Kikkerland is less than $20. The hip that he won’t break because the floor isn’t slippery thanks you.

Kikkerland Gentleman’s Shower Curtain: $18.50

Hopefully, these great gifts for men will make your Dad smile, which will make you smile, and in turn, make your dog look like he’s smiling, but in fact, he’s got something caught in his throat.

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