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Past Players For My Favorite Fantasy Football Team

Earl Campbell, My Favorite Fantasy Football Team

When you’re putting your Fantasy team together, there are a lot choices to make from a big pool of players.

But have you ever wished you could bring back players from the ’70s or ’80s (still in their prime, of course) to make your favorite Fantasy Football team and streaming them through your connection or watching on the big screen in your man cave?

If I could create a team with anyone I wanted, this would be my team.

My Favorite Fantasy Football Team

Quarterback — Steve McNair. I know, I know. It’s a strange choice, considering I could have chosen Montana, Elway or even Bradshaw. But Air McNair was my type of player. He stayed in the pocket when he had to (OK, sometimes), but he wasn’t afraid to tuck the pigskin and run for the first down or even the score. The dude could take a hit. I’m looking at RG3 and Vick, and see some McNair in both of them.

Backup Quarterback — Dan Marino. Admittedly, it’s a pity vote, but a part of me always felt bad he never had a team that matched his talent.

Earl Campbell, My Favorite Fantasy Football TeamRunning Back No. 1 — Earl Campbell. Number 34 for the Houston Oilers is one reason I’m a football fan. I was around eight when I watched Campbell take the ball, run five yards, get dogpiled by three defenders, and still run another two or three yards to get the first down. From that moment on, I was a fan. It’s hard to find a good modern day comparison, since the game has become more throw-dominant, but for the workhorse element, I’d give the nod to Arian Foster or Adrian Peterson.

Running Back No. 2 — Tony Dorsett. His record for longest runback for a touchdown stood for a very long time. He was a workhorse. He didn’t fumble, and he had speed. What’s not to love about that?

Wide Receiver No. 1 — Drew Pearson. Just because. Modern counterpart: Greg Jennings.

Wide Receiver No. 2 — Hines Ward or Jerry Rice. Both of these guys had speed and fantastic hands. They were smart enough to go back for the ball if needed, or turn on the juice to chase the ball down. Both had getting two feet in before going out of bounds down to a science. Can’t go wrong with either one. Today, I’d go with Larry Fitzgerald. He has sticky hands, and fast and talented feet.

Tight End — Kellen Winslow Sr. He could run. He could catch. He could block. And he made it all seem so effortless. Check. Check. Check. Tony Gonzalez is very similar to Winslow’s style.

Drop a comment below and tell us who’s on your favorite Fantasy Football team! 

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