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Top 10 Fantasy Golfers for DFS Value in 2015

Top 10 Fantasy Golfers in DFS value

If you look at the rankings for the 2015 top 10 golfers on the PGA Tour right now, you probably won’t see many surprises.

It’s all based upon performance, which is public knowledge and it’s even ranked in the form of the FedEx Cup rankings. When it comes to Daily Fantasy Golf, though, your approach needs to be much different than just looking at the top 10. Not only because you can’t realistically draft many of these golfers at once because of the salary cap, but because the prices of many of these golfers is too high in comparison to what they will contribute in fantasy points.

In this regard, let’s look at the Top 10 Fantasy golfers in the FedEx Cup rankings, and then show what you should be looking for when drafting your roster. Remember, you have 6 golfers to choose from, and there’s no way that you can choose 6 from the top 10 list because of price. Still, get a good start, and the rest of your roster will take care of itself if you haven’t spent too much to secure high scorers for yourself.

Top 10 Fantasy Golfers in DFS Value


1. Jordan Spieth

When you’re the No. 1 ranked golfer, everyone wants you on their roster. That doesn’t help you at all when you’re trying to get the top guy at a good price. Spieth is a great golfer for sure, but he has so-so value in daily leagues. He’s too expensive, and while he will give you good results, drafting him will hurt the rest of your lineup.

Spieth has cost about $12,000 in tournaments, and that’s almost a quarter of your salary right there. If he can contribute more than 25 percent of your points, though, he can become a good buy. Take him on a case by case basis, but don’t count on him being worth the price often.

2. Bubba Watson

Top 10 Fantasy Golfers in DFS value

Bubba Watson — Photo Credit: JPellgen

Watson has played in 13 tournaments this year, and has finished in the top 10 in 6 of them. In 5, he’s finished in the top 3.

Watson has great value in this respect as top 5 finishes in daily golf leagues have huge value. If you can get a decent price for him, he’s worth picking up.

Never spend more than $10,800 on him, but he’s almost always worth putting on your roster at cheaper than this.

3. Jimmy Walker

At $8,900, Walker is considered a mid-tier golfer in fantasy leagues. However, he’s a top performer and probably worth more than $9,000, depending on where the tournament lies in the season. The problem is that he’s played in 17 events this season, and finished in the top 10 only 6 times. But when he’s not in the top 10, he is way out of the running. He is a mid-tier golfer for this reason alone. Predicting this kind of thing is tough, but if you know that he’s targeting a specific tournament, he suddenly is a top-tier golfer and in these instances, is the #1 value golfer out there.

4. Jason Day

Day has 14 tournaments under his belt this year, with 7 top 10 finishes. He’s a mid-scoring mid-tier golfer, and that means never spend more than $8,200 on him. More than that, and you are putting too much risk into him and hindering what you can do with your next 3 picks.

5. Dustin Johnson

Johnson is considered a top-tier golfer at $10,500. The problem with Johnson is that he’s not consistent–much like Walker ahead of him. The big issue, though, is that’s he’s much more expensive than Walker, and therefore has very little fantasy value. For him, there are just too many golfers with more potential at far cheaper prices. Pass on him.

6. Robert Streb

Streb is a bottom-tier golfer on daily fantasy sites, and that’s okay. He’s a good golfer, and if you can get a good price, he’s worth taking a look at. True, he’s had a horrible second half of the year, but in his last three events, he’s finished 18th or better. That’s promising, and if you can pick him up at a cheap price (think less than $7,000), grab him up. He might do poorly, but with bottom-tier golfers, he’s worth the risk. In fact, there’s a chance he could be the #1 bottom-tier golfer out there.

7. Zach Johnson

Johnson is a mid to bottom-tier golfer, but has a big upside. He can be a cheap golfer, and then be your number one point scorer. The problem is that he has a similar potential as Streb, but will be more expensive. In this regard, he has very little value in one day leagues.

8. Rory McIlroy

McIlroy might be ranked No. 8 right now, but his injuries have proven to be too difficult to deal with. Pass on him until he’s proven his health.

9. Patrick Reed

Reed is worthy of bottom-tier ranking, and although he’s not the greatest in any lineup, he’s been consistent in his approach to tournaments. He’s one of those players that if you need a last spot filled and his salary fits with your needs, he’s worth drafting. He will most likely provide value in a situation like this, and is therefore a top 6 choice for you, even if he’s not there in the FedEx standings.

10. Charley Hoffman

Another bottom-tier golfer with some upside. Usually, he will be a similar price to Reed, but he doesn’t have the same potential for fantasy points. There are usually choices outside the top 10 that will benefit you more than Hoffman and at a cheaper price. Pass on him.

Of these 10 golfers, the No. 1 value at each level is:

  • Top-level: Bubba Watson
  • Mid-level: Jimmy Walker
  • Bottom-level: Robert Streb

These top 10 Fantasy Golfers for DFS value are subject to pricing, of course, but this is a good starting point for your consideration.

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