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Top 10 Forgotten (Fake) Athlete Tweets in History

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Athlete tweets have become an athlete’s way of skipping major media altogether and communicating directly with their fans. The cynic in all of us knows that this is just a marketing tool off just another way for athletes to show how they can’t spell or read a calendar. But the spectator in us enjoys the random comments we might otherwise never have read.

Little did you know, though, that Twitter has actually been around for almost a century now, and has only recently become mainstream. I took a little time to do some deep research, and I came up with the 10 best athlete tweets you might have missed over the past 100 years.

Top 10 Forgotten Athlete Tweets in History

10. @BostonBillBuck: big win last night, up 3 games to 2, headed to shea! curse of bambino almost over!!!

9. @SD_GM-Beathard: Didn’t want Peyton anyway – can’t win the big game. Leaf will domin8!

8. @THE_REAL_BABE: Hey Boston, how my ass taste?

7. @Charlie_Hustle14: Hunch –gonna beat the Dodgers by 1.5 runs tonight. 😉

6. @OJuice: Ugh, bad day. Bronco got dirty, ruined Bruno Magli’s, lost a glove, almost missed flight and got just five McNuggets. Is it Friday yet?

5. @Bonds40-40: #FF @JCanseco, @RogerRocket, @A-Rod_Money, @BALCO, @CaminitiKen, @Pettitte_Pitcher, @Big_Giambi, @MAN-RAM

4. @FavreQB4: Montana to KC!!!?!!?!! Come on, Joe! Ur a legend, know when to hang it up! LMFAO!

3. @Georgia_Peach: Baseball has gone to hell. 🙁 RT @JackieRobinson_42: Guess who’s playing 2B for the Dodgers!?!!!

2. @CoryLidle1972: Tweeting @ 5000 feet, baby LOL – This is gr

1. @Stilt_Wilt: 10,000!!!!!!! 🙂

There are a couple tasteless tweets on here, for sure. But when was the last time athletes or Twitter was considered tasteful?

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Are there some athlete tweets I’ve missed over the years?

I’m also a big fan of some of the biblical tweets out there too.

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