About David Gonos

I have been playing Fantasy Sports since 1989, and I’ve been writing online about Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Hockey and Fantasy NASCAR since 2000.

The basis of this site is that it seems like everything in my life revolves around Fantasy Sports. I imagine it’s the same with many of you, which really isn’t healthy, but what are you gonna do?

I post often at DavidGonos.com about Fantasy Sports and everything else in my life that has been affected by Fantasy Sports. (Except for poop. Sometimes I write about poop.)

My Boring Fantasy Background

David GonosI’ve written for several sites, starting with FFInformer.com in 2000, then FantasyRef.com in 2001-03, which is a site I built on my own. I sold that site when I signed on with CBSSportsLine.com, where I ended up writing in all five Fantasy sports for well over five years.

During my time at CBS, which is now CBSSports.com, I worked next to some incredibly talented Fantasy writers, including: Michael Fabiano (NFL.com), Tristan Cockcroft (ESPN), Daniel Dobish (RotoWorld.com), Jamey Eisenberg (CBS), Scott Engel (ESPN, RotoExperts), Sergio Gonzalez (CBS), Eric Mack (SI.com) and Dave Richard (CBS).

I moved on from CBS in 2008 to join a start-up called OPENSports.com, where I eventually got to meet and work with several athletes, including O.J. McDuffie, Jason Sehorn, Dennis Rodman and Sean Salisbury. That’s an eclectic group!

We also used to get blogs and football picks from several other athletes/celebrities, including Adam Sandler, whose picks were really sent in by Jack Giarraputo. Yeah, that’s right. David Gonos has Jack Giarraputo’s email address. The producer of “Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star” — is one of my contacts. I’m practically a Hollywood (Fla.) mogul.

After OPEN Sports folded in late 2010, I started writing for RotoExperts, where I posted “So-Called Fantasy Expert” articles alongside former co-workers, Engel, Dobish and Ian Riley, who followed me over from OPEN Sports.

The current site you are looking at was created in the spring of 2012, when I also began to post columns for SportsIllustrated.com, alongside another former co-worker in Emack. I refer to him a lot in many of these blogs because we were Senior Fantasy Writers together at CBS where we led the Fantasy Baseball content. We’ve since become friends and we were a deadly defensive duo on our Maguire’s softball team, along with Dobish and Eisenberg. Playing softball was the task we had to accomplish before beer and wings.

In 2015, FanDuel.com expanded their content team, and I wrote for them for a year, before they un-expanded it again after the “Great DFS Legal Disaster of 2015,” as it’s known in the industry.

In 2018, I became one of the Fantasy columnists over at TheAthletic.com, in spite of my 19-year streak of no longer being athletic.

Some Things David Gonos is Proud Of

  • FSWA Founding Board Member from 2003-12
  • Finalist for an FSWA Award for Fantasy Baseball Article in 2008 and 2015
  • Tout Wars Mixed League Champion in 2008
  • Collection of 135,000 sports cards that my Dad started for me before I was born
  • Executive Editor & Associate Editor for several CBS SportsLine Fantasy Baseball Preview Magazines
  • I can do a pretty mean cartwheel — despite being a fat guy
  • Back in 2003, my record for CBS Fantasy Player Updates written in one day was 219.
    (Dobish still owns the record at 249 or something — and that record ain’t dropping any time soon.)
  • I can eat chicken wings without getting gross
  • I got CBSSports.com to add in-season Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football Rankings to their site in 2006. Seriously. They refused to add them before that.
  • Started an experts analysis league in 2001 called the PROFL: Professional Fantasy League that had four sports and 48 Fantasy writers in it
  • Did Fantasy Baseball podcasts with Emack and Eisenberg at CBS that were downright entertaining, with Emack spouting baseball wisdom, me disagreeing with him, and Jamey laughing at both of us.
  • I post helpful articles for everyone, like the Top 13 FREE Fantasy Football Draft Tools You Must Use and the Top 66 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts You Should Follow
  • Witnessed the Tampa Bay Devil Rays first win ever
  • Went to a Sunday Night Football game at Raymond James Stadium to watch at halftime the Bucs honor my favorite player ever, Mike Alstott, then drove to St. Pete immediately to catch the final three innings of the Tampa Bay Rays’ Game 7 win over the Boston Red Sox in the 2008 American League Championship Series. It is still David Price’s only save in his career!
  • I’ve posted articles on several sites, including the ones I’ve already mentioned, as well as: FOXSports.com, MLB.com, NFL.com and USAToday.com.

Some Things David Gonos is NOT Proud Of

David Gonos -- Horse poop

  • I’ve played golf my entire life and I still can’t break 100
  • I’m so good on video that they ask me not to be on it, so I don’t steal the spotlight from the other talking heads
  • I’ve never met an older woman from New Jersey that I thought was nice
  • In a keeper Fantasy Football league, I inexcusably once went 0-13 after my roster was decimated with injuries (I won the next year!)
  • At different times in my childhood, I was a Red Sox/Cubs/Braves/Yankees fan in baseball, and a Bucs/Bills/Browns/Dolphins fan in football
  • I really thought O.J. was innocent!
  • I left a bar in NYC that was playing Game 2 of the Lakers/Magic NBA Finals in 2009 to go eat pizza with a girl I had no shot with (I’m a Magic fan.)
  • I can’t eat a piece of movie-theater popcorn until the first words of the movie are spoken
  • I am allergic to saving money
  • Farts will never not be funny to me. Never. Ever.
  • I thought Kevin Mench would one day hit 40-plus homers in a season
  • I like reality shows and reality cooking shows, like Top Chef
  • I’m 46 years old and I still quote Bugs Bunny and Friends and other Saturday Morning Cartoons
  • I’m a very good cook, but I can’t make rice to save my life
  • At the time, I thought the Dolphins were smart to pass on Drew Brees and sign Daunte Culpepper

Despite these things, this Fantasy life has been very good to me!

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