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Welcome to my website!

I’m a sports card collector and a Fantasy Sports player working with a limited budget – and that’s what this website is all about!

This website is meant to help sports card collectors and Fantasy owners get the tools they need to enjoy their hobbies. I’ve been writing about sports online professionally for over 20 years, and I’ve been a sports card collector since I was 4 years old in 1975. This has allowed me to find tons of resources, and create many tools myself, like the lists of rookie cards I’ve created from each sport:

My wife Shelby and I live in Central Texas with our dog Frank! I grew up near Syracuse, N.Y., (Go Orange!), until my family moved to Central Florida in 1980.

My Dad helped me collect sports cards and become obsessed with Topps cards specifically, and I would eventually become a Buccaneers fan. Then, as the expansion teams came, I would don the hats of new favorite teams, like the Orlando Magic, the Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays!

My Sports Writing Background

In 2003, I joined the writing staff of CBS Sports ine, which eventually became CBSSports.com, where I served as a Senior Fantasy Baseball Writer. While baseball was my main beat, I also chipped in with articles for Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Hockey and Fantasy NASCAR. My seriously outdated articles at CBSSports.com!

Five years later, I became the Content Manager at OPEN Sports, a Fantasy Sports service, which started Daily Fantasy play years before the major sites got into the game.

I would later become a Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football columnist for SportsIllustrated.com, and FanDuel, as well.

My articles have also been published at MLB.com, NFL.com, The USA Today, AP, Fox Sports, About.com, AthlonSports.com, GuySpeed.com, and several other sites.

In 2018, I joined the Fantasy Sports staff at TheAthletic.com, led by my editor and friend, Nando di Fino. I would eventually go on to lead their Cards & Collectibles section in 2021.

Some of the accolades I’ve received through the years include being a two-time finalist for Fantasy Baseball article of the Year in 2008 and 2015, and I’ve won three of the most famous expert leagues:

  • 2008 Tout Wars
  • 2021 FLEX League
  • 2023 FanEx League

Finally, I was inducted into the Fantasy Sports Writers’ Hall of Fame in 2021, which was absolutely the highest secular honor I’ve ever received!

My David Gonos YouTube Channel

I have lived a charmed life, and Shelby makes my life better every day. I hope to entertain and inform sports card collectors with a positive attitude!

I really got my YouTube channel going in 2021, and I’ve gotten to know some amazing people through the comments section.

Our Happy Hobbyists!

Patrick Imhoff has helped immensely with the channel, helping us score our Fantasy Baseball/Card Collecting Game (Triple Card Crown), sending me awesome cards, and even building a pretty dope bottle-opener, decorated with an Evan Longoria rookie card and two Rays logos! Patrick even wrote an article for us on the six types of players’ cards he likes to track. He’s also been known to help other viewers with their questions.

Scott Hedrick has been another amazing friend of the channel, sending me blasters to open (both on video and off!), along with just super helpful comments to our viewers.

One of my oldest friends of the channel runs the YouTube Channel, MJ Family Time Cards. Josh and his son Micah Scarberry have been

Feel free to reach out to me, either through my Contact Page on this website, or through any of my social media channels:

You can even snail mail me if you like! David Gonos, P.O. Box 36, Georgetown, TX, 78627

Have a #HappyHobby!

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