99 Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Mar 29

99 Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Why post a list of Fantasy Baseball Twitter accounts? Well, for several reasons – first of which is that Twitter is an invaluable source of information for Fantasy Baseball owners. Secondly, because these guys do great work in trying to assist nearly every owner that asks them a question. (See my post on “How to Get Fantasy Writers to Answer Your Questions.”)

Last summer, I posted the Top 66 Fantasy Football Twitter Accounts You Should Follow, and it was a very popular post. I think mostly because I tried to explain why you should follow a lot of these guys.

This will be an ever-growing list for several reasons. First, I’m sure I forgot friends of mine for whatever reason (I’m a dope?). And secondly, writers/readers will be letting me know which Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts that are awesome and I just don’t know.

Matthew Berry, Twitter

I was going to write an article about how Fantasy Baseball readers can use Twitter, then I happened upon this article by Brien Bonneville at TheFakeBaseball.com. Then I thought, “Man, I could just clip-and-paste this whole thing!!!” In the end, I decided to just link to it instead. And for that article, give that man a follow @BBonneville! (He writes about the fake baseball, too.)

Most of the Twitter accounts below are writers, and I tried to distinguish between writer accounts and accounts for entire websites or companies. So initially, I didn’t list @theRotoFeed because I thought they were just an RSS feed and they didn’t engage readers. Then they yelled at me!

Now I realize, they DO interact! So follow @theRotoFeed — they have 10k followers and they tweet boatloads o’ Fantasy stuff.


My Original Top Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts

These are the guys that I posted about last year, and I still think they rank among the best Twittererers for 2013. These guys are no-brainers … Wait, I mean, you should follow them without question … Not that they are no-brained people. Crap.

Matthew Berry, ESPN.com, @MatthewBerryTMR – The face of Fantasy Sports, with a book, “The Fantasy Life,” hitting shelves this coming summer. The only person that knows me and doesn’t know Berry is my mom.

Tristan Cockcroft, ESPN.com, @SultanofStat — Cockcroft was my mentor coming up at CBSSports, which was then CBS.SportsLine.com.

Who knows more about baseball: Emack or Tristan? It’s an arm-wrestling match for the ages!

Jason ColletteRotoWire.comBaseballProspectus.com@JasonCollette  — One of my favorite guys in the industry, and easily one of the smartest. Not just for “Fantasy” baseball, but for the game itself.

Nando Di FinoCBSSports.com@NandoCBS — Nando is one of my closest friends in the industry. We’ve spent many a drunken night in NYC before our Tout Wars drafts. He’s a main character in the best-selling book, FantasyLand, and now he’s one of the hosts of CBSSports.com’s Fantasy Baseball 360 daily videos. If you haven’t checked that out yet, get on it – it’s live every day at 5pm ET.

Ray FlowersBaseballGuys.com@BaseballGuys — Ray does the Fantasy Drive radio show on SiriusXM Radio each afternoon with Kyle Elfrink – easily my favorite Fantasy Baseball time of the day. They’re the best Fantasy show to listen to online, radio or satellite.

Mike GianellaRotoThinkTank.com@MikeGianella — This guy answers a ton of Fantasy Baseball questions every day and he’s usually spot on! Tout Wars, dude, too.

Tim Heaney, KFFL.com, @Tim_Heaney — Yet another good guy coming from the Tout Wars owners. Obvious connection to Fantasy player updates make his Twitter feed a solid mix of articles and player news.

Eric Karabell, ESPN.com, @KarabellESPN — EK has been talking Fantasy Baseball on TV longer than anyone else – and he has one of the best blogs in the biz.

Eric MackSI.com@EricMackFantasy  — Emack is a former co-worker of mine. We both held down the fort on Fantasy Baseball  at CBSSports.com for most of the 2000s. In an earlier column, where I explained he’ll usually answer anything on Twitter. But be forewarned, “… if you ask me a question, don’t bother arguing with my answer. I won’t care what you have to say.”

David Pinto, BaseballMusings.com, @StatsGuru — This guy has been blogging about baseball for over a decade now.

Cory SchwartzMLB.com@SchwartzStops — Nobody answers more Fantasy questions than Cory. Great guy, excellent writer and a proficient Twitterer. He’s also a member of the Tout Wars crazy story guys.

And me – DavidGonos.com, @DavidGonos !!! I tweet about Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, TV, Movies, Music and funny things that happen to other people!

Cory Schwartz, Twitter

MLB.com’s Cory Schwartz (@SchwartzStops) got to take a ceremonial Yoo Hoo shower after winning the 2012 Tout Wars Mixed League title. (#jealous)


Other Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts I’m especially fond of!

Chet Gresham, theFakeBaseball.com, @Chet_G – Came across this guy last year and now I’m kinda convinced he invented Twitter. I’m shocked his Twitter handle isn’t @Twitter. He runs the fake Fantasy sites and once ate a Dorito that was shaped like Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton.

Michael Hurcomb, CBSSports.com, @CBSHurc – One of CBS’ finest update editors will keep in you in the know. #BigHurc in the house!

Rob Shaw, BloombergSports.com, @RobShawSports – I go back with this guy to my days at OPENSports. Class act, full of knowledge on both major Fantasy sports, director of content for Bloomberg Sports.

T, FantasyTrade411.com, @WHUDEY — Writes columns, hosts podcasts, tweets and retweets – and he hosts #FridaysWithT which is a narrative story he tells each Friday through several tweets on Twitter.


Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts Among “101 Fantasy Tippers”

Here are all of the Twitter accounts for the fantastic writers that took part in my e-book, “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips,” which is available for 99 cents! They are listed below in order of their chapters in the e-book.

Ron Shandler
BaseballHQ.com@RonShandler – One of the elder statesmen of the hobby. You should follow him, and then go do your homework.

Scott EngelRotoExperts.com@ScottERotoEx — He helped me get my job at CBSSports.com and he hosts the RotoExperts morning radio show on SiriusXM Radio, with Adam Ronis (below).

Derek Van RiperRotoWire.com@DerekVanRiper

Joe SheehanJoeSheehan.com@Joe_Sheehan

Steve GardnerUSAToday.com@SteveAGardner

Andy BehrensYahoo!@andybehrens — Runs the Roto Arcade at Yahoo! Sports, and he has also written a book!

Garrett GreebyFantasyRundown.com@FantasyRundown — Dude goes through every Fantasy Baseball feed and finds the absolute best articles – EVERY DAY, ALL DAY LONG!!!

Will CarrollBleacherReport.com@InjuryExpert

Adam RonisRotoExperts.com@AdamRonis

Lawr MichaelsMastersBall.com@LawrMichaels

Peter KreutzerAskRotoman.com@Kroyte

Ian RileyRotoExperts.com@Ian_Riley — One of my favorite guys in the industry. Solid smarts, and on the douchebag scale – he’s a total 10! … Well, that’s a 10 on a scale of 1,000 though … He’s a good guy, with the appropriate amount of brains!

Greg AmbrosiusStats LLC@gregambrosius— I starting reading Greg’s Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football columns in magazines dating back to the early ‘90s. Total professional that now runs the NFBC – National Fantasy Baseball Championship and hosts a show on SiriusXM with longtime business buddy Tom Kessenich.

Gene McCaffreyWiseGuyBaseball.com@Gene2323

Paul GrecoFP911.com@PaulGreco

Eno SarrisFanGraphs.com@enosarris

Matthew PouliotRotoWorld.com@matthewpouliot

Nick RaducanuFantasyTrade411.com@FantasyTrade411 — I would like to nominate Nick for “Fantasy Sports King of Twitter.” Seriously. He’s good with questions, answers, insight and retweets.

Doug DennisBaseballHQ.com@DougDennis41

Mike LombardoWiseGuyBaseball.com

Jake CielyRotoExperts.com@allinkid — Ciely is very good. There, I said it. Don’t tell him I said it, though.

Alan HarrisonTheFantasyFix.com@TheFantasyFix

Pat MayoRotoExperts.com@ThePME

Albert LangFP911.com@AlbertLeRoi

Chris LissRotoWire.com@Chris_Liss

Derek CartyBaseballProspectus.com@DerekCarty

Dave GawroneXpertLeagues.com@eXpertLeagues

Brian Flood, Comedian, @BrianSFlood — Flood used to work with me at CBS, then he worked for years as the Assistant to the Director of Officiating with the NFL. He’s always a challenge to beat in the AL-only league I’m in with him. He’s currently working to become a great stand-up comic in New York!

Scott SwanayFantasyBaseballSherpa.com@Fantasy_Sherpa

Seth TrachtmanWedgeBuster.com@sethRoto

Ray GuilfoyleFaketeams.com@FakeTeams

Patrick DiCaprioFP911.com@pdicaprioFP911

Zach SteinhornMastersBall.com@ZachMLB

Nicholas MinnixKFFL.com@NicholasMinnix — This guy’s always happy. I like it. Good writer and Fantasy Baseball player too. I go up against him in Tout Wars each season, so I have to hate him for six months.

Daniel DobishRotoExperts.com@danieledobish — Doing daily gaming this season? You’ll definitely want to follow Dobish, then. We both worked together at CBS for years, and then at OPENSports.com and RotoExperts. He holds the world record for Fantasy Baseball updates in one day.

Bret SayreFaketeams.com@dynastyguru

Mike SianoMLB.com@Fantasy411 — Shared many a beer with this guy at Foley’s in NYC during the Tout Wars weekend. Send your questions to him to get read/answered on MLB.com’s Fantasy 411 podcast!

Marc GriffisFantasySharks.com@FantasySharks

Kurt TurnerFantasyKnuckleheads.com@_knuckleheads

Fred ZinkieMLB.com@fredzinkie

Johan LangTradeDebate.com@tradedebate

Paul SporerBaseballProspectus.com@sporer — Another one of the best Fantasy Baseball writers out there. He even posted a 2013 Starting Pitching Guide available for purchase!

Jeff BartonSccoreSheet.com@JeffScoreSheet

Charlie WiegertCDMSports.com@GFFantasySports

Jon AisnerTheFantasyBums.com@theFantasyBums

Dan Curran, FifthPeriodLunch.com@yetivedder

Howard BenderRotoBuzzGuy.com@RotoBuzzGuy

Brett TalleyTheFantasyFix.com@TheRealTAL

You can follow all of those guys, as well as myself @DavidGonos on the “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” writers Twitter list I started. The authors are posted in order of where their Fantasy Baseball tip landed in the ebook.


15 More Tout Wars Peeps to Follow!

Glenn Colton, SiriusXM Radio Show Co-Host “Colton & the Wolfman,” @GlennColton1

Patrick Davitt, BaseballHQ.com, @PatrickDavitt

Fantasy Baseball Twitter AccountsJeff Erickson, RotoWire.com, @Jeff_Erickson

Brent Hershey, BaseballHQ.com, @BrentHQ

Tom Kessenich, Stats.com, @TomKessenich

Rob Leibowitz, Mastersball.com, @Rob_Leibowitz

Tim McLeod, RotoRob.com, @TimothyLMc

Al Melchior, CBSSports.com, @AlMelCBS

Lenny Melnick, FantasyPros911.com, @LennyMelnick

Anthony Perri , Fantistics.com, @Anthony_Perri

Scott Pianowski, Yahoo! Sports, @Scott_Pianowski

Mike Podhorzer, FanGraphs.com, @MikePodhorzer

Brian Walton, Mastersball.com, @B_Walton

Rick Wolf, SiriusXM Radio Show Co-Host “Colton & the Wolfman,” @RickWolf1

Todd Zola, Mastersball.com, @ToddZola


19 More Useful Twittererers

Kay Adams, Rotoworld, NBC Sports - Fantasy Baseball Twitter AccountsKay Adams, RotoWorld.com, @HeyKayAdams

Grey Albright, Razzball.com, @Razzball –I’ve known Razzball was a good site for quite some time, but I only recently came across this dude, who runs the site. Well, he’s weird. Funny weird, though! And he writes awesome stuff like this.

Stephania Bell, ESPN.com, @StephaniaBell

Ryan Boyer, RotoWorld.com, @RyanPBoyer

Tony Cincotta, Fantasy Sports Host on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, @TheTonyCincotta

Justin Fensterman, KFFL.com, @FenstySports

Keith Lipscomb, ESPN.com, @KeithLipscomb

Jeff Mans, FantasyAlarm.com, @Jeff_Mans

A.J. Mass, ESPN.com, @AJMass

Chris McBrien, DMFantasyBaseballPodcast.com, @CMcBrien

Craig Mish, SiriusXM Radio Host, @CraigMish

James Quintong, ESPN.com, @JQuintong

Zach Sanders, FanGraphs.com@ZVSanders

D.J. Short, RotoWorld.com@DJShort

Drew Silva, RotoWorld.com@DrewSilv

Michael A. Stein, FantasyJudgement.com@FantasyJudgement – I’m new to this guy’s courtroom, but he’s pretty funny and engages with a lot of writers. That’s a good thing for Fantasy readers!

Gregg Sussman, Radio Host on WFAN, @GreggSussman

Scott White, CBSSports.com@CBSScottWhite

Jon Williams, AdvancedFantasyBaseball.com, @BigJonWilliams


Speaking of Twitter, check out these forgotten athletes’ tweets that would have been just awesome. The End.

Let me know if I missed out on some Fantasy Baseball Twitter Accounts you feel are up to these standards!

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  1. Jonah Keri

  2. I just figured out this year after playing fantasy BB with about 12 same guys since 1989, that only an idiot pays to subscribe to a fantasy expert site.I now am in CBS league although through the years we used Stats (best post season) until they went under..

    Obviously these days a moron can win his league by of course luck and just sticking to stuff on CBS. In pre-Internet you had to have some knowledge of baseball but honestly I bet I could know nothing about BB and if you don’t win,at least make a good showing. One year for the hell of it I did this in pro basketball not even knowing 10 players.
    Anyway to get back to whatever boring point I was making, you have taken the idea of spending an hour on Twitter to a new high by listing 99 sites. But who is going to have the time check off each site. Really what do you want? Waiver wire, prospects who are coming up and I really pay little attention to what “expert” I get to as I race through twitter.
    I will say that now after you we’re smart enough to print the list and take care of your friends at the same time, I will make your site my main research tool
    I hope you get this because this is the longest run on mess I have ever written. No joke

    • Thanks! haha, yeah, hand us a good cheatsheet to a Fantasy Soap Opera League and I’m sure we’d end up in the middle of the pack.


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