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101 Fantasy Baseball Tips for 99 cents! What’s the Catch!?!

Fantasy Baseball Tips ebook

So you may have noticed, I’ve been kinda AWOL from this site for a few weeks. Basically, I’ve been keeping my rankings updated and posting a mock draft here and there, but there’s no getting around it – I’ve been … elsewhere. I’ve actually been writing, editing, formatting and promoting an e-book called, “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips,” with over 50 other writers.

Do you feel bad now for thinking I was just slacking!?!

So here’s the deal with this book. It’s 101 Fantasy tips, ranging from Draft Tips, to Auction Tips, to Rotisserie Tips, to Head-to-Head Tips, to End-Game Tips, to Trading Tips, to Waiver Tips, to FAAB Tips and more! … I’m out of breath.

There are 101 tips in 12 categories written by 59 different Fantasy Baseball writers from 37 great Fantasy sites, like,, Yahoo! Sports,,, and

Oh. Did I mention – all of this for just 99 cents!?!

Yeah, that’s right. Couch change!

Fantasy Baseball Tips ebook

101 Fantasy Baseball Tips Writers

Here’s the list of writers in the e-book, with their websites and Twitter accounts. The guys I note as “Friends” are actually not writers at all, but they are part of my Fave Four Fantasy Friends. They are non-writers I’ve played in several leagues with that I asked to share some of their insight.

You can follow all of these guys, as well as myself @DavidGonos on the “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” writers Twitter list I started.

Ron Shandler,, @RonShandler

Derek Van Riper,, @DerekVanRiper

Joe Sheehan,, @Joe_Sheehan

Eric Mack,, @EricMackFantasy

Steve Gardner,, @SteveAGardner

Jason Collette,,, @JasonCollette

Andy Behrens, Yahoo!, @andybehrens

Garrett Greeby,, @FantasyRundown

Will Carroll,, @InjuryExpert

Adam Ronis,, @AdamRonis

Lawr Michaels,, @LawrMichaels

Peter Kreutzer,, @Kroyte

Ian Riley,, @Ian_Riley

Kyle Elfrink, Sirius XM Radio

Greg Ambrosius, Stats LLC, @gregambrosius

Cory Schwartz,, @Schwartzstops

Gene McCaffrey,, @Gene2323

Paul Greco,, @PaulGreco

Eno Sarris,, @enosarris

Matthew Pouliot,, @matthewpouliot

Nick Raducanu,, @FantasyTrade411

Doug Dennis,, @DougDennis41

Mike Lombardo,

Jake Ciely,, @allinkid

Alan Harrison,, @TheFantasyFix

Pat Mayo,, @ThePME

Albert Lang,, @AlbertLeRoi

Chris Liss,, @Chris_Liss

Mike Gianella,, @mikegianella

Nando Di Fino,, @nandocbs

Derek Carty,, @DerekCarty

Dave Gawron,, @eXpertLeagues

Brian Flood, FRIEND, @BrianSFlood

Jake Payton, FRIEND

Scott Swanay,, @Fantasy_Sherpa

Seth Trachtman,, @sethRoto

Ray Guilfoyle,, @FakeTeams

Patrick DiCaprio,, @pdicaprioFP911

Zach Steinhorn,, @ZachMLB

Nicholas Minnix,, @NicholasMinnix

Daniel Dobish,, @danieledobish
101 Fantasy Baseball Tips ebook
Bret Sayre,, @dynastyguru

Mike Siano,, @Fantasy411

Corey Guerrera, FRIEND, @the_Boog

Marc Griffis,, @FantasySharks

Kurt Turner,, @_knuckleheads

Fred Zinkie,, @fredzinkie

Johan Lang,, @tradedebate

Paul Sporer,, @sporer

Scott Engel,, @ScottERotoEx

Ray Flowers,, @BaseballGuys

Tim Heaney,, @Tim_Heaney

Jeff Barton,, @JeffScoreSheet

Charlie Wiegert,, @GFFantasySports

Jon Aisner,, @theFantasyBums

Dan Curran, FRIEND, @yetivedder

Howard Bender,, @RotoBuzzGuy

Brett Talley,, @TheRealTAL

As I mentioned, you can follow all of them, as well as me @DavidGonos on the “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” writers Twitter list I started.


How was the sale job I did on you? Have you bought it yet? Didn’t you just use 99 cents to wipe your butt with!?! … You should have used a dollar bill for that.

101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” for 99 cents. Enjoy!

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