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“101 Fantasy Football Tips” e-book from 50+ Fantasy Writers

101 Fantasy Football Tips

Over the past couple months, I asked many of my Fantasy friends to help me write a book filled with great Fantasy Football Tips. Fifty Fantasy writers from dozens of websites wrote one tip each, and I mixed them in with 51 of my own Fantasy tips to create an awesome PDF.

I’m proud to announce the creation of the very first “101 Fantasy Football Tips” e-book, on sale now for just $5.

BUY THE E-BOOK HERE, pay $5 through Paypal, and you’ll get an email with a link inside to download the PDF to your computer or mobile device.

You’d be hard pressed to find this many writers from this many different websites sharing their Fantasy thoughts and opinions in one place. I’ve been in the industry for 14 years and I’ve called in all my favors!!!

(To be honest, I now owe all of these guys a huge favor because they came through for me in an awesome way. If I haven’t mentioned it in the past 24 hours, I want to reiterate, the Fantasy Sports industry is full of some awesome people!)

38 Different Fantasy Football Sites

This e-book is over 200 pages long – with some tips checking in over 1,000 words, although, most of them range from 400 to 600 words long.

Here’s a listing of all the websites represented by contributing writers in this book.

101 Fantasy Football Tips ebookBasically, I asked each writer to share a tip they’ve discovered through their years of playing and writing about Fantasy Football.

The topics covered in this e-book range from draft strategy, to commissioner tips, to auction drafting, to Daily Fantasy Football, IDP, Salary Cap Games, keepers, trading and waiver wire tips. We even have a total of 15 different tips associated with each position: QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs, Ks and DSTs.

50+ Fantasy Football Writers, 101 Fantasy Football Tips

101 Fantasy Football Tips

“101 Fantasy Football Tips” e-book, by David Gonos and 50-plus Fantasy Writers

Here are the writers involved and the names of the guys I owe a bunch of beers to:

  • Salvatore Stefanile
  • Cory Bonini
  • Jody Smith
  • Justin Bonnema
  • Jay Long
  • Dylan Lerch
  • Neil Parker
  • Sky Sperling
  • Bob Harris
  • Peter Schoenke
  • David Dorey
  • Will Carroll
  • Jamey Eisenberg
  • Jon Collins
  • Charlie Wiegert
  • Vlad Sedler
  • Jeff Brubach
  • Dave Richard
  • Brian Flood
  • John Halpin
  • Tom Kessenich
  • John Hansen
  • Tim Heaney
  • Kurt Turner
  • Marc Griffis
  • Jim Day
  • Brett Talley
  • Jeff Mans
  • Gabriel Harber
  • Pat Mayo
  • Jake Ciely
  • Ferdinando Di Fino
  • Ian Riley
  • Denny Carter
  • Eric Mack
  • Alan Harrison
  • Jonathan Bales
  • Matt De Lima
  • Wayne Bretsky
  • Johan Lang
  • Matt Migli
  • Andy Singleton
  • Christian Hardy
  • Greg Ambrosius
  • Daniel Dobish
  • Nick Raducanu
  • Brad Coustan
  • Garrett Greeby
  • Davis Mattek
  • Bob Lung

I fully expect you’ll love this e-book and use it for years to come. While there are a lot of Fantasy Football tips in here that relate specifically to the 2014 season, you should still be able to translate it to future seasons.

Last year, I compiled the “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” e-book and had great success with it! So I had to do it again with all of my friends that were Fantasy Football writers.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t enjoy the e-book and you don’t think the 101 tips shared by me and 51 of my colleagues, then I will happily refund your money -– no questions asked. This also means you’ll still own the e-book, but what am I going to do – take it off your computer?


If you do buy it and read it, please tweet at me @DavidGonos and let me know what your favorite Fantasy Football tips were! I know the writers, as competitive as we all are, would love to hear which tip was everyone’s favorite.

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