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12 Daily Fantasy Baseball Links Every Player Should Bookmark

Who doesn’t love a bunch of awesome links Daily Fantasy Baseball players should bookmark? I write Daily Fantasy articles for a few different websites, including, where I post my picks on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and FanDuel Insider.

For the most part, we’re talking about links to great DFS tools or stats or interesting things to work into your traditional Daily Fantasy routine.

Every now and then, I’ll have someone ask me for my favorite Daily Fantasy Baseball links, and this time, I decided to write them down and make note of them for this blog. These links are all free, and they’re not necessarily links you should look at every single day, but you should check them out at least once a week to notice trends, etc.

12 Daily Fantasy Baseball Links To Bookmark

Here are the sites I most often reference, whether it’s for a Daily Fantasy Baseball article research or for my lineups. Of course, this is an absolute must among the Daily Fantasy Baseball links, but you should already be linking to this anyway for your traditional Fantasy play.

Fangraphs.comNobody has the splits by position of these guys, including deeper stats like wOBA, FIP, etc. They also has stats from over the past calendar year (or three!) which I love. For their umpire stats – just fun to check out and keep up with as the weeks roll on. I personally love their weather dashboard, including humidity and weather by the hours surrounding game starts. Big help to know if 70-pct precip is at Hour 1 and then it lightens up in Hour 2 considerably. I check here for the over/unders, money lines and trends. I also use this link for a quick scan of RHP and LHP. Insane amount of broken down stats (some good ones for football, too). Like, Stolen Bases Allowed Per Pitcher, Player Times On Base Per Game, FanDuel Hitter Stats, etc. Lineups, 40-man Rosters, platoons, last 7 lineups, prospect rankings – also, sign up for their daily newsletter for the absolute best morning email with roster news. Just awesome.

ESPN Ballpark Factors: Which parks are better for hitters and which are better for pitchers!?!

RotoGuru.comSortable stats that include FanDuel salaries and a ton of bonus stuff, like Salary Change, FDP/Gm, FDP over past 15 games.

Rotoworld MLB News: They’re not the fastest, and they don’t often do the best job of analysis on each piece of player news, but they’re free and I like their headlines.

RotoGrinders’ Player Prop Bets: See which pitchers/hitters have the best shot at big numbers, like which pitcher should get the most strikeouts and which hitter has the best chance at a home run tonight. For Defensive Efficiency stats. Find out which pitchers have the best defenses behind them, saving them from extra outs and giving up more runs.

Are there some Daily Fantasy Baseball links you think I’m missing? Specifically to some DFS tools that help you win each day?

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