15 Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhone in 2014

15 Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhone

Looking for the best Fantasy Baseball apps for your iPad and iPhone can be troublesome and time consuming. There are a lot of great ones out there, with a handful of crappy ones sprinkled in as well. Then again, I noticed that there were fewer apps out there this year, compared to last year. Or at least, some of the shaky ones from last season have been removed or not updated, so I left them off.

One of the major things I noticed this year, compared to last season, is that ESPN and Yahoo! no longer partner together for an iPad draft app! It was called, “Fantasy Baseball Draft HD ’13 For ESPN/Y,” and it cost about $5.

My guess is — there were some issues with it, and both companies bailed, but I really have no idea. Meanwhile, CBSSports came out with their in-season app, and I was just blown away. That might also mean ESPN and Yahoo! are retooling theirs in order to compete in that market better.

Using your iPad or your iPhone to help you in your Fantasy Baseball draft has become “the thing to do” in draft rooms across the country. As a matter of fact, at Tout Wars last season, several of us used our iPads.

RotoWire’s Derek VanRiper used his iPad as his exclusive draft tool. Since we were often fighting over the same players, I imagine it’s a pretty good app to use!


15 Best Fantasy Baseball Apps For iPad and iPhone for 2014

So here are a few apps I’ve found across the worldwide web that you might find useful this Fantasy Baseball season. I haven’t used all of them, but you can read some of the reviews on their iTunes pages to get an idea of how good they’re doing.

RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Assistant 2014 – Roto Sports, Inc.

iPhone, iPad
Cost: $9.99

This seems to be the most popular of all the apps — although, it’s also one of the most expensive. You’ll get access to all of RotoWire’s Fantasy Baseball news and analysis, which is usually through a pay-wall anyway. You can also filter your news by AL- or NL-only, and you’ll get articles and blogs from RotoWire veteran writers Jeff Erickson, Chris Liss and Derek VanRiper, all of whom play in Tout Wars.

RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Assistant


MLB.com At Bat

iPhone, iPad

Cost: Free to download, subscription required

Get live baseball from MLB.TV on your iPhone or iPad, as well as stats, videos, breaking news, standings, schedules and pitch-by-pitch features. You’ll also be able to listen to radio broadcasts for home and away games, and you’ll get in-progress video highlights. You can either pay a one-time annual fee of $19.99, or a monthly fee of $2.99 – but that’s only if you aren’t already an MLB.TV Premium subscriber.

MLB At Bat, , Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhone


RotoWorld.com Fantasy News

iPhone, iPad

Cost: Free

One of the best Fantasy news desks in the industry, you’ll get all the top player news, headlines and analysis for free. You’ll also keep updated with injury news and performance updates. One feature I like is that you can set up customizable Watch Lists for your favorite players.

Rotoworld News, Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhone


Batter vs. Pitcher

Batter vs Pitcher, Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhoneiPhone

Cost: $0.99

This tool is great for those that play in Daily Fantasy Baseball leagues. You can find the stats for every hitter against every pitcher – dating back to the 1940s! (Just in case you’re playing Fantasy games back in time.)

It also has a multiple batter vs. multiple pitchers tool, which is quite helpful for Fantasy Baseball owners in standard weekly leagues.


FantasyAlarm Fantasy Baseball Lineup Optimizer

Fantasy Alarm, Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhone

iPhone, iPad

Cost: Free

This app won the FSTA’s “Best Mobile App” award for 2013! If you’re in a daily Fantasy league or you play Daily Fantasy Baseball games, this app will alert you when your players are out of their MLB team’s lineup. This gives you the appropriate time to get in and change your lineup!

Get a real-time alarm when your player is out of the lineup, or has been moved to the DL, or a game has been rained out.

Those are just a few of the reasons you need this app. Plus – it’s FREE!


RotoWire Ask an Expert

iPhone, iPad

Cost: Free

A quick and easy way to ask the RotoWire.com experts your Fantasy questions!

RotoWire Ask An Expert, Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhone


CBSSports.com Fantasy

CBSSports, Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhone


Cost: Free

If you’re playing on CBSSports.com, then you’ll obviously be downloading this iPhone app.

You’ll get quick access to your lineup, Fantasy advice, stats and scoring. I use this one the most because most of my leagues are on CBSSports.com. It’s also relatively easy to use.


ESPN Fantasy Baseball

ESPN leagues, Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhoneiPhone

Cost: Free

Once again, if you play on ESPN, you’ll use this app. Honestly, this looks like one of the best Fantasy Baseball apps of the big three (CBS, ESPN, Yahoo!). You’ll obviously get access to your lineup, add/drops, transactions and standings, etc. But you’ll also get live scoring, Fantasy news, videos and tweets from their Fantasy editorial staff.

If you are an ESPN Insider, you can also get personalized alerts sent to your phone when your player goes on the DL or moves to the bench! I actually like this app a lot. (Check out the crawl on the bottom of the app!)


Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball

Yahoo leagues, Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhoneiPhone

Cost: Free

Whether this is one of the best Fantasy Baseball apps or not, it’s one you’ll use on your iPhone if you are playing Fantasy Baseball on Yahoo’s site.

It’s a standard Fantasy app, allowing you to makes add/drops, set lineups, view matchups and get real-time Fantasy scoring.

Fantasy Baseball Draft Apps For the iPad and iPhone

If you still have a draft ahead of you, consider using one of these apps!


RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit 2014 iPad App

iPhone, iPad


The reviews of this app seem to be the most favorable, and my Tout Wars counterpart, Derek VanRiper, used this app exclusively during our Tout Wars Mixed League draft. You have to love any product that their workers believe in wholeheartedly. This impressed me greatly, and I have to say, it’s quite a powerful app. You can customize your league and draft settings, and you can choose from 22 offensive and 22 defensive categories. The rankings shown are based on your league’s scoring system, and you can now filter by ADP.

RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit, Best Fantasy Baseball Apps for iPad and iPhone


ESPN Fantasy Baseball


Cost: Free

This app is not the draft app they had from last season, which was a combined draft app with Yahoo. This is just a plain old Fantasy Baseball app — with a picture of Josh Hamilton in a Rangers uniform as the main pic. So I’m guessing it’s old. Not sure what’s going on here..

Hopefully, some of the best Fantasy Baseball apps for your iPad and iPhone will help you win your league – or at least having fun losing. Good luck this season!



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