2013 Fantasy Running Back Keeper Rankings

Albert Morris, 2013 Fantasy Running Back Keeper Rankings

There is no more important position for keeper leagues than running backs, and these 2013 Fantasy Running Back Keeper Rankings should be the most important set of rankings you read on this site. My god, man, your Fantasy life depends on it! (Earlier this week, we previewed the 2013 Fantasy Quarterback Keepers.)

First, though, I want to discuss a few things about the position, before just diving into the rankings.

There are several reasons why running back keeper rankings are more important than any others. And we’re not just saying that because running backs in general are the most important Fantasy position. (Although, we can go ahead and count that as Reason No. 1.)

The second reason is that the normal shelf-life for an NFL running back is a little less than four years. That means you could very well have a lot of turnover at this position, so if you are able to lock in on a 10-year star, like Maurice Jones-Drew, Steven Jackson or Adrian Peterson, then you are head-and-shoulders ahead of everyone else.

The third reason keeper running backs are important is because of injuries. If you are able to lock in on a healthy running back, that starts game after game after game (see Matt Forte), you are well ahead of the competition, who is hoping to get 12 games out of their guys. When you’re looking at a skill position that gets hit and tackled more than any other position, you can’t afford to miss on strong RBs as keepers.

Fantasy Running Back Keeper History

LaDainian Tomlinson, Fantasy Running back keeper rankings

Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson was a superstar from his rookie season on, making him our top choice for top keeper. Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

Let’s take a quick look at my completely subjective top 10 Best Fantasy Running Back Keepers from the past 15 years:

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson
  2. Marshall Faulk
  3. Adrian Peterson
  4. Edgerrin James
  5. Clinton Portis
  6. Shaun Alexander
  7. Frank Gore
  8. Tiki Barber
  9. Priest Holmes
  10. Ray Rice
  11. Arian Foster
  12. Maurice Jones-Drew

And now, let’s check out my completely subjective 10 WORST Fantasy Running Back Keepers from the past 15 years:

  1. Ricky Williams
  2. Robert Smith
  3. Domanick Davis/Williams
  4. Steve Slaton
  5. Robert Edwards
  6. Mike Anderson
  7. Olandis Gary
  8. Peyton Hillis
  9. Darren McFadden?
  10. DeAngelo Williams
  11. Ryan Mathews
  12. Reggie Bush

That was a fun walk down memory lane – maybe I’ll break those lists off into two separate blogs at some point and do a deeper dive.

2013 Fantasy Running Back Keeper Rankings

These 2013 Fantasy Running Back Keeper Rankings are for standard non-PPR leagues, scoring four points for a touchdown pass, starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K and 1 DST. These rankings, powered by the folks at FantasyPros.com, will be adjusted throughout the summer. “ECR” stands for “Experts Consensus Rankings,” and it’s the average rankings of over 35 Fantasy Football writers/websites.

Dynasty and Keeper Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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Alfred Morris, 2013 Fantasy Running Back Keeper Rankings

Redskins RB Alfred Morris would normally be a top-five keeper, but considering he runs for crazy Mike Shanahan, nothing is set in stone … ever. Phtoto Credit: Keith Allison

We will be updating our 2013 Fantasy Running Back Keeper Rankings throughout training camp and preseason, so make sure to check back frequently as roster news and injuries hit.



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