2013 IDP LB Rankings


Can’t get enough Fantasy Football? Sign up for an IDP league and add another dimension to your fake football Sundays. We’ve got your 2013 IDP LB Rankings to help you out! I already posted my 2013 Overall IDP rankings earlier this week, so check those out, too.

And yesterday, I knocked out the 2013 IDP DL Rankings, which are always tricky!

Just beware that you may get even further conflicted with the outcomes your cheering for and need a calculator close by. Especially when your Tony Romo starts throwing passes to your DeAngelo Hall. Quick, what is 2 subtracted from 6?

Before we get right to our 2013 IDP LB Rankings, lets take a peek at the position.


Linebacker Position Overview

There are a couple crucial factors to consider when drafting your Linebackers. First, like Defensive Linemen, the scheme their playing in impacts their fantasy production.

Strong Side Linebackers in 4-3 schemes have significantly less value, while the Middle Linebackers are the true tackle machines. Also, in 3-4 schemes the 2 Outside Linebackers often play a similar role to Defensive Ends and pass rush more frequently, which makes them better suited for best play scoring formats that highly reward sacks. If you’re in a tackle heavy scoring format you want Weak Side and Middle Linebackers who wrap up bodies and toss them to the ground.

Furthermore though, you should also be looking at Linebackers who are going to be playing all 3 downs. The passing trend in the NFL has caused defenses to use personnel packages with additional Defensive Backs and your fantasy players can’t score fake points from the sidelines. The IDP Guru keeps a good list for reference.

Finally, Linebackers’ fantasy production can be more predictable than the other two positions, which is important to recognize. With less reliability elsewhere, it is advised to target Linebackers whose weekly tackle totals are consistent. You’ll be chasing big plays at the other two positions enough as it is, so why take an unneeded risk?

2013 IDP LB Rankings

Stephen Tulloch played hurt in 2012, expect him to bounce back this season.
(Photo Credit: Macomb Daily)

2013 Linebacker Picks, Sleepers and Busts


Pick: Sean Lee, Dallas Cowboys

When you’re heralded by Dick Butkus it counts, right? Lee is healthy and ready to bring his rounded game to the middle of Dallas’ defense, which is great news for fantasy owners. Don’t let Lee pass you by, his 2011 numbers were special.

Pick: Lavonte David, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The rookie was alright in 2012, if you like 20 tackles for a loss type stuff and 112 tackle seasons. There really isn’t a lot else to say, except, imagine if he builds on those stats with a few additional big plays. That would be some huge fake football.

Sleeper: Brian Cushing, Houston Texans

Cushing finds himself in a similar situation to Sean Lee. The Texan is a tackling machine, who is equally capable of big plays. The injury, coupled with his poor start in 2012 could land Cushing in prime value territory on draft day.

Sleeper: Nick Roach, Oakland Raiders

The Former Bear is already receiving praise from Coach Dennis Allen and will man the middle of a defense that will likely be on the field a lot. The tackle numbers alone could carry him near the top 15 Linebackers.

Sleeper: Stepehn Tulloch, Detroit Lions

Don’t expect 2010 numbers, but Tulloch played hurt last season and if he gets back some additional range his tackle totals should increase. He is a safe pick later in drafts, who is still capable of solid 2nd tier production.

Bust: Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers

Unless your league’s scoring format rewards big plays, Matthews is a risky fantasy play. He has never topped 60 tackles in a season and although, the sacks are nice, what if they dry up a little? With so many safe and reliable options at the position it is an unneeded risk.

Bust: Von Miller, Denver Broncos

This guy is in a class of his own as a pass rusher, but there is a lot going on right now. There are off-field complications, with a potential suspension and the Broncos Defensive Unit has had some personnel changes. Let someone else reach for Miller.

Bust: Zach Brown, Tennessee Titans

With Colin McCarthy back to take care of the middle of the field and steal a few tackles from Brown, his 2012 numbers might be the ceiling. He isn’t exactly the grittiest player either, so don’t expect him to build on his 2012 success.

Bust: Perry Riley, Washington Redskins

The first year starter was a fantasy force in 2012, but London Fletcher returns and Brian Orakpo is healthy again and having a fantastic camp. Are there enough tackles to go around? Hold back your expectations until there are fewer mouths to feed again.


2013 IDP LB Rankings

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We hope you liked these 2013 IDP LB Rankings — and you end up with tons of sacks and a Fantasy playoff berth!

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