My Crappy 2013 PPR Mock Draft Team

Aaron Rodgers, PPR Mock Draft

On Tuesday night, I took part in a 2013 PPR Mock Draft held on MockDraftCentral.com by FantasyTrade411.com for their upcoming Fantasy Football draft guide.

I was quite unhappy with my draft, as I chose to pick in the 12th spot, hoping to see what kind of advantages I could make for myself, having back-to-back picks the entire draft.

This 2013 PPR Mock Draft started two WRs and a flex position, as well as a standard lineup outside of that.

I thought I’d take some time to share just why I was so unhappy with this draft because there’s nothing worse than a little post-draft post-mortem on a crappy performance.

My 2013 PPR Mock Draft Team

This draft had a ton of great drafting talent in it, including my Fantasy Fatcast partner, Eric Mack of SI.com, along with Howard Bender of RotoWire.com, Nick Raducanu of FantasyTrade411.com, and Bob Harris of FootballDiehards.com. Here’s what I ended up with:

A.J.Green, 2013 PPR Mock Draft

Taking a wide receiver in the first round is usually not a good idea. Bengals WR A.J. Green, however, is entering his third year as a starter.

1.12 A.J. Green, WR, CIN: A wide receiver in the first round, not named Calvin Johnson. Trent Richardson and LeSean McCoy kept falling, after TE Jimmy Graham went with the ninth pick. But both RBs were snatched up in front of me, leaving me with Green and …

2.01 Matt Forte, RB, CHI: It was between him and a 30-plus year old running back in Steven Jackson. I went with age/health over new-team upside.

3.12 Marques Colston, WR, NO: Wasn’t a big fan of any of the running backs left at this point (the curse of a WR in Round 1).

4.01 Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB: Most writers have wised up on taking quarterbacks too early, which allows guys like Rodgers and Drew Brees to fall to the fourth round. If I hadn’t gone WR in Round 1, this would’ve been awesome.

5.12 Ryan Mathews, RB, SD: Quite happy to find the promise of Mathews after 59 players were taken. He’s my second starting RB.

6.01 Chris Ivory, RB, NYJ: Not super crazy about Ivory, but he’ll be my flex player, and I was not sure what would wait for me after the next 22 picks.

7.12 Kyle Rudolph, TE, MIN: He’s close to a top-five tight end for me, in an offense that needs to improve their passing game.

8.01 Josh Gordon, WR, CLE: The rookie has a suspension to face, but he’s a promising backup for me, then a possible flex player once he returns.

9.12 BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB, CIN: I’ll take him two or three rounds past when most people are drafting him.

10.01 Chris Givens, WR, STL: A chance to be Sam Bradford’s favorite target, as rookie Tavon Austin learns the NFL.

11.12 Michael Bush, RB, CHI: Backing up Forte with his handcuff.

12.01 Santonio Holmes, WR, NYJ: Probably won’t be ready for Week 1. Could be talking about Holmes or this mock draft team.

13.12 Chicago Bears DST: With the Niners dealing with injuries to stars, I like the Bears DST as one of the better ones available.

14.01 Jermaine Gresham, TE, CIN: Just going with best available player here.

15.12 David Akers, K, DET: Still expecting the Lions offense to be high scoring in 2013, and Akers should be

So there you have it, in all its splendor – my crappy 2013 PPR Mock Draft team. I’m not a big fan, as you can tell, but that’s what mock drafts are for!

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