2014 Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy Pt III: Rounds 9-16


You’ve made it nearly halfway through the draft, and you’ve enacted a flawless Fantasy Baseball draft strategy. Whether you are following mine to the tee or not, doesn’t matter (I hope you are though), but now you are literally to the point of the drafts where you mold your championship squad.

Knowing which positions to prioritize, which players to avoid, or wait on is critical.

Utilizing your studying, tiers, and monitoring your rivals’ Fantasy Teams is also imperative, if time allow, of course.

Be sure to go back and read my earlier works if you haven’t already, and ask questions via twitter, or email if you have them prior to your draft, or even during it and I will try to help!

A reminder that the players listed below are based on NFBC ADP as well as personal draft results from my recent FSWA draft.

Draft Strategy: ROUND 9

At this point in the draft, and if you’ve been following my strategy, your hitting lineup should be nearly full. You should have at least two pitchers, hopefully three pitchers by Round 9.The next few rounds are needs based rounds. If you need a second baseman for example, there are players such as Jose Altuve, Daniel Murphy, and Jedd Gyorko who are likely still around. If you need outfielders or pitching, they are plentiful. Go with value and whatever you may need here.

Picks 96-100

Typical Players Selected: Jedd Gyorko, Gerrit Cole, Michael Wacha, James Shields, Anthony Rizzo, Alex Gordon, Jose Altuve, Desmond Jennings, Michael Cuddyer, Homer Bailey

Mike Minor, FantasyAlarm-com, 2014 Atlanta Braves Preview

With 13 wins and over 180 strikeouts and 200 innings, Mike Minor ended up as a top-10 SP in Head-to-Head leagues last year. Photo Credit: FantasyAlarm.com

Picks 102-107

Typical Players Selected: Jose Altuve, Mike Minor, Brandon Phillips, Mat Latos, Domonic Brown, Daniel Murphy.

Picks 108-111

Typical Players Selected: Aaron Hill, Julio Teheran, Glen Perkins, Billy Butler, Sonny Gray, Shane Victorino, Kyle Seager

Draft Strategy: ROUND 10

Same as Round 9. Utilize Tiers and ADP to determine best available and fill your needs.

Picks 114-118

Typical Players Selected: Everth Cabrera, Hisashi Iwakuma, Manny Machado, David Robertson, Shelby Miller, Doug Fister, Chase Utley

Picks 119-124

Typical Players Selected: Michael Cuddyer, Starlin Castro, Evan Gattis, Alfonso Soriano, Sergio Romo, J.J. Hardy

Draft Strategy: ROUND 11

This is a good round to draft high upside players, or young pitchers. Players like Xander Bogaerts, Danny Salazar, and one of my favorites, Leonys Martin, have been going in this round frequently. If your roster is relatively full, you know pitchers are still out there, so why not start targeting guys you like for your lineups now?

Brandon Belt, is another young, potential breakout player. If you have been waiting on first base until now, then Belt or slugger Matt Adams are both great late options.

Matt Adams

Matt Adams has a full-time role for now, and plenty of power in his bat. Photo Credit: BeGreen90

Picks 125-128

Typical Players Selected: Xander Bogaerts, Brett Lawrie, Danny Salazar, Matt Adams, Leonys Martin, Matt Moore, Brandon Belt, Jim Johnson

Picks 131- 135

Typical Players Selected: Brandon Belt, Joe Nathan, Asdrubal Cabrera, Chase Headley, Wilson Ramos, Jered Weaver, Addison Reed, Mike Napoli

Draft Strategy: ROUND  12

Essentially the same as Round 11. Draft on needs, but also keep an eye on other owners rosters. Pitching is plump this round, and closers could be nice targets now as well. Go with your gut.

Picks 138-141

Typical Players Selected:   Tony Cingrani, Brandon Moss, Rafael Soriano, Wilson Ramos, Matt Moore, Andrew Cashner, Jeff Samardzija

Picks 142-147

Typical Players Selected:  Victor Martinez, Alexei Ramirez, Sergio Romo, John Lester, R.A. Dickey, Jonathan Papelbon, Coco Crisp, Andeltron Simmons, Hyun-Jin Ryu, Austin Jackson

Draft Strategy: Round 13

Some solid aging veterans are typically lingering in this round. If you need a final Outfield spot filled, or want some cheap power there are definitely some options in this round. Closers are also available if you would like to go that route.

Picks 151-154

Typical Players Selected: Nelson Cruz, Curtis Granderson, Pablo Sandoval, Aramis Ramirez, Casey Janssen,

Picks 155-159

Typical Players Selected: Jurickson Profar, Jed Lowrie, Hiroki Kuroda, Jason Castro, Grant Balfour, Mark Teixeira

Draft Strategy: Round 14

Nolan Arenado, 2014 Colorado Rockies Preview

Rockies 3B Nolan Arenado hit close to .300 at home last season, while also slugging .459 in the thin air. Photo Credit: Keith Allison

I am hoping to draft my fifth starter at this point. If I am at 4 already, I could also opt to try and get a young hype player such as Nolan Arenado, Khris Davis, or Zach Wheeler.

You may also notice some owners scrambling to fill their 2B or SS positions, if they missed the top-tier guys. They will likely be reaching for players like Brian Dozier, or Brad Miller at this point. Keep that in mind, if you want one of these guys as well. I do not like to draft defensively, BUT if I can get a player I like for bench depth I will do it.

Picks 161-165

Typical Players Selected: Francisco Liriano, Jim Henderson, Patrick Corbin, Huston Street, Brett Gardner,

Picks 166-171

Typical Players Selected: Brett Gardner, Nolan Arenado, Johnny Cueto, Fernando Rodney, CC Sabathia, Michael Bourn, Zach Wheeler, Khris Davis

Draft Strategy: Round 15

Should realistically have only a few spots left of your active roster. Go with needs and value from here on out.

Picks 172-177

Typical Players Selected: Lance Lynn, Will Middlebrooks, Christian Yelich, C.J. Wilson, Khris Davis, Nolan Arenado, Howie Kendrick

Picks 178-182

Typical Players Selected: Alejandro De Aza, A.J. Pierzynski, Torii Hunter, Bobby Parnell, Austin Jackson, Dan Haren

Draft Strategy: Round 16

Same as Round 15. Fill your roster, or take some valuable pitching for your bench if your hitting lineup is full.

Picks 183-188

Typical Players Selected: Justin Materson, Chris Carter, Nori Aoki, Carl Crawford, Jhonny Peralta, Kendrys Morales, Brad Miller

Picks 189-194

Typical Players Selected: B.J. Upton, Matt Garza, Ben Revere, Brian Dozier, Adam Eaton, Jarrod Parker, Yan Gomes, Neftali Feliz

Potential Roster Through 16 Rounds



Miguel Cabrera-1B/3B, David Wright-3B, Ian Desmond-SS, Chris Sale-SP, Starling Marte-OF, Cole Hamels-SP, Jason Heyward-OF, Alex Cobb-SP, Jose Altuve-2B, Doug Fister-SP, Matt Adams-UT/1B, Victor Martinez-UT, Sergio Romo-RP, Francisco Liriano-SP, Fernando Rodney-RP,

Pick 7

Robinson Cano-2B, Adrian Beltre-3B, Jean Segura-SS, Justin Verlander-SP, Matt Kemp-OF, Zach Greinke-SP, Adrian Gonzalez-1B, Ben Zobrist-OF/SS/2B, Gerrit Cole-SP, Shelby Miller-SP, Leonys Martin-OF, Andrew Cashner-SP, Casey Jansenn- RP, Jim Henderson-RP, Lance Lynn-SP, Brian Dozier-UT/2B

Pick 12

Hanley Ramirez-SS/3B, Evan Longoria-3B, Justin Upton-OF, Felix Hernandez-SP, Anibal Sanchez-SP, Mark Trumbo-1B/OF,  Josh Hamilton-OF, Jayson Werth-OF, Aaron Hill-2B. Julio Teheran-SP, Wilson Ramos-C, Jered Weaver-SP, Jurickson Profar-UT, Grant Balfour-RP, Will Middlebrooks-UT/3B, Justin Masterson-SP

Hopefully, this review of what might happen between Rounds 9-16 will continue to help you get an idea of how you should build your roster. Stay tuned for the final Fantasy Baseball draft strategy articles!

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