2014 Fantasy Baseball Positional Tiers


When it comes to Fantasy Baseball Positional Tiers, I consider myself a champion of utilizing them. One thing is for certain when it comes to talking Fantasy Sports — I am usually saying things like “He’s a Tier-2 kinda player, with Tier-1 potential” or “That guy isn’t even worth a flyer, I didn’t even put him in a tier.”

Tiers are very important, and if I am not prepping for a draft, or if I’m drafting without them, I am at a loss. Aside from ADP and rankings, tiers are my No. 1 tool. They level the positions into groups and values. Deep positions will still be deep, they simply have more players in select tiers, such as Starting Pitchers, or Outfielders.

If you haven’t used tiers before, they are pretty easy to use, and even make yourselves if you opt to do that. If not I am providing my tiers below. Anyhow, players at each position are split into tiers of value and, most importantly, potential.

The idea being in the early rounds of the draft, the top tier (Elite/Near Elite) players typically go first. If it comes to deciding between two positions, you should weigh the positional scarcity of the position, and then the tiers the remaining players are in.

One example is if you have David Wright (a Tier-1 3B) or Joey Votto (a Tier-2 1B) available in the second round at pick No. 22. Now you know which way you should go. Considering positional scarcity, this makes the case for Wright even stronger. If it is a points game, Votto is far more valuable and likely won’t be at pick No. 22.

Be sure to check out my Draft Strategy series, as well, and look for even more guidance for your upcoming drafts. Strategy, Tiers and Rankings will only ensure you are ready to dominate your draft. If you’d like to get caught up before your drafts this weekend Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategy.

So without further ado, here are my tier rankings!

2014 Fantasy Baseball Positional Tiers


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