2014 Fantasy Baseball: Second Basemen Rankings

Jason Kipnis +Chris Davis

Sure, I know what you are thinking when you read 2014 Fantasy Baseball: Second Basemen Rankings. “Seriously? This early?” Well, sure it may seem early, but in many cases it’s not. I am personally drafting in three leagues right now!

So, last week when I was scraping my car in record time because it was -32 below here in beautiful Minnesota, I obviously was thinking “I am going to do it. I am ranking Jason Kipnis second in my second basemen rankings!”

Bottom line, it is NEVER too early, and rankings always change, but for Fantasy addicts like myself, the Fantasy Season is year round. Be sure to keep on reading DavidGonos.com for more positional rankings, prospect rankings and profiles coming soon.

With that, I give you my 2014 Second Basemen Rankings … so far.

2014 Second Basemen Rankings

(*) behind players’ name denotes multi-position eligibility

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Photo by Keith Allison

Padres 2B Jedd Gyorko was drafted in Round 6 of a 15-team Mixed Roto Mock Draft by Nando Di Fino of CBSSports.com in January. Photo by Keith Allison

Alphabetical Fantasy Analysis

Jose Altuve, Houston: You may only think of speed when you see Altuve, and you aren’t wrong. His ability to get on base and contend for league lead in steals alone lift his value.

Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox: Tempts me and so many every year, but now I am done. His power, and all counting totals sank, except for his batting average. I don’t trust him. If you end up with him as your starter — look to trade and quick!

Emilio Bonifacio, Kansas City: Will likely not start, but will get his at bats as a utility guy. Turned things around in the second half last season. Sneaky and cheap stolen base guy here.

Robinson Cano, Seattle: OPS hovers around .900, Hits 27-plus homers over the past four seasons. Moving to Seattle or age doesn’t concern me this season

Matt Carpenter, St. Louis: Something about the Cardinals and plugging guys in to positions. Carpenter was the surprise at second last year. He scored 126 runs, and showed modest power. He may not match 2013, but shouldn’t drop too much.

Brian Dozier, Minnesota: He had a nice little season in 2013, and is overlooked. He provides power and speed, and moderate average. He should actually improve this year.

Nick Franklin, Seattle: In limbo currently, with the addition of Cano, but he could end up elsewhere. Needs to learn how to hit offspeed pitches, but has power and speed. A nice combo to stash on your bench.

Alexander Guerrero, L.A. Dodgers: High risk/High reward. He is unproven, young and the starting second basemen in a potent lineup. What’s not to like? My sleeper pick of 2014.

Jedd Gyorko, San Diego: I realize I am likely higher on Jedd than most, but his power is real, and he showed how well he can hit last year when healthy. Anyone who has 25+ homer power is a star in my book. Hopefully his K rate dips a bit too.

Aaron Hill, Arizona:  If he remains healthy he is a great value. Not much speed, but plenty of power and he has the ability to get on base.

Omar Infante, Kansas City:  Should be opening day starter in KC, and has been decent over the past few years. With Bonifacio there as well, he may see less AB’s this season. Safe late pick or bench player.

Kelly Johnson, N.Y. Yankees: He may see some second base, but with the Alex Rodriguez news, he will be playing third base as well. Johnson doesn’t hit for average, but has 20/20 power and speed combo. In the short park, I like him as a sneaky multi-position option.

Howie Kendrick, L.A. Angels: He isn’t a superstar, but he does provide modest power and speed while hitting for average. This late, you could do much worse.

Ian Kinsler, Detroit:  Kinsler is still a star performer, and has consistent abilities to get on base. His speed is in decline, and his power numbers dipped. He may no longer be a 5 category stud, but he can maintain his career numbers to be a top 10 option.

Jason Kipnis, Cleveland: High OPS around .800, and a legitimate threat for 20 homeruns and 20+ stolen bases. His legs and power combined with breakoout age made this decision easy.

Jed Lowrie, Oakland: A nice OPS and decent pop. Concerns are his health, and make sure he is eligible for second base in your league. I like him in Oakland’s lineup.

Daniel Murphy, N.Y. Mets: Can help in every category, not a great deal, but solid enough, and he has a lock on his position could bring value in deep leagues, or (CI/MI) leagues.

Dustin Pedroia, Boston: –  He is consistent, and in a potent lineup again in 2014. His age is increasing a bit, and with it his power/speed numbers. Still near elite.

Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati:  Reliable, consistent even though his career is on the downturn. You can almost guarantee 18 homeruns. That’s what he has hit the last 3 seasons.

Martin Prado, Arizona: You don’t think “Superstar” when you see Prado. His value is in his consistency, and his flexibility. You could do much worse. He fills all five categories, not full, but they are covered.

Jurickson Profar, Texas: He will be Texas second basemen with the Kinsler trade. Exciting right? Sky is the limit. Don’t expect the world yet, but you could do worse. Dynasty and Keeper leagues he should be ranked much higher.

Anthony Rendon, Washington: Very good hitter, the touted prospect held his own in his rookie season. He should only improve this season with more AB’s. Nothing for speed, but he helps in other categories.

Brian Roberts, N.Y. Yankees: He fits nicely at second base without Cano, and with the aging, injury-prone Yankees. He can still produce in average and runs, but is a shoe-in to miss plenty of time. He is 36, so buyers beware. VERY aware!

Josh Rutledge, Colorado: Demoted to the minors for poor fielding, and OBP. He may be back this season, or eventually and if so he has 20/20 potential. I like him as a bench stash in 2014.

Jonathan Schoop, Baltimore: He should win the starting second base job over Jemile Weeks. Baltimore has a powerful lineup, and Schoop has power to spare. No speed, but if he can show plate discipline he will be solid in 2014.

Marco Scutaro, San Francisco: Crafty veteran who finds ways to get on base. Best days far behind him now, but if you need a backup, or MI spot he isn’t terrible.

Dan Uggla, Atlanta: Power and RBI. That’s about it. If you can risk the BA drain, sure take him. Just don’t reach for his power alone.

Chase Utley, Philadelphia: His best days are numbered, and he is easily labeled “Injury-Prone” but he can still hit well and with some pop. If you miss the early run take a chance on Utley.

Neil Walker, Pittsburgh: An overlooked and stable second basemen who should be able to maintain, or improve his numbers from 2013.

Kolten Wong, St. Louis: With Carpenter likely moving to third base now Kolten is the favorite to have a full season at second this season. He hits for average, has power and speed combo which make him valuable, and of course risky.

Ben Zobrist, TB: In Roto leagues he could be ranked higher for his ability to fill 5 categories. Great utility player with multi-position eligibility. Consistent as they come.

I hope you enjoyed these second basemen rankings, and I’ll be back soon with some Prospect Profiles, and Shortstop Rankings. Thanks for reading!



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