Best 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Apps For the iPad — Mock Draft

Fantasy Football Draft Apps for the iPad

Over the past couple decades, Fantasy Football users have been on their own on Draft Day, but not now – with this handful of 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Apps for the iPad in your hand.

The days of just using a cheat sheet ripped out of an old magazine are officially over. As a matter of fact, the days of seeing 10 laptops open are officially over.

I did one of my local buddy drafts at Buffalo Wild Wings last Sunday (seriously, order the Mango Habanero wings if you like spicy stuff – best wings everrr), and several of us had our iPads and tablets open, as others were working off their smartphones. Everyone had instant access to injury news, roster updates and depth charts, mostly because they were likely drafting along with one of these awesome Fantasy Football draft apps.

Draft Apps vs. League Apps

First, I want to mention that these are apps that assist you in drafting. These are not apps that you will use to connect to your Fantasy Football league service.

In other words, if you draft on CBSSports.com, you’ll want to download the CBSSports.com Fantasy app, which happens to be the best of the league service bunch, in my opinion. You’ll open up the draft room and have it looking even better than it already does on PCs. The same goes for the league draft apps from ESPN, NFL.com and Yahoo, as well.

Fantasy Football Draft Apps For the iPad Mock Draft

While all of these apps work with your iPad, they also all work on your iPhones, too. They also have Android apps for each, in case you use those types of smartphones.

1.01 FootballGuys Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2014

The FootballGuys Fantasy Football Draft Dominator 2014 is the LaDainian Tomlinson of Fantasy Football draft apps.

Understand that it was Joe Bryant and the FootballGuys founders that started the whole Value-Based Drafting trend from the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. This Draft Dominator app utilizes that system to help guide you from pick to pick to get the best value at each position.

I can go on and on about all the features, but to be honest. You should just watch the video to get an idea of how many cool features it has.

You can buy the Draft Dominator for $4.99.


On a side note, their FootballGuys Fantasy Football Magazine app is also incredible. It has tons of tools including a forecast section for players by position, camp updates and staff rankings. This app has depth charts, player news and over 200 articles waiting for you. These articles range from ones for beginners (Dealing with Projections and ADP) to an entire section for players that get into High Stakes contests. For just $4.99 – it’s nearly as good of a deal as my “101 Fantasy Football Tips” e-book! Hey-ohhh!!!

1.02 RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2014

It stands to reason that if someone involved in a company that builds an app involving their product, they’ll use it over any other app. However, in Fantasy Football, people want to win. So the owner might privately use a different app to track the draft and his team, while he’s making picks and strategizing.

That’s not the case here.

I’ve often see the writers from RotoWire using their own Fantasy Football draft app – and they’re always competitive. Guys like Derek Van Riper, Jeff Erickson and Chris Liss use this app and we hate them for it!

You can do mock drafts here, read their player news (did you realize that the RotoWire people are the ones that basically INVENTED Fantasy player news back in the mid-‘90s? They’re kinda good at it.

You can buy this app for .99.

Rotowire 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Apps for the iPad

1.03 NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet & Draft Kit 2014

This cheat sheet actually does work with your NFL.com league, and it brings you totally updated Fantasy Football player info during your draft. It will track your favorite players and even run stat projections on your team.

This app supports auctions, as well, which is great, and you can do mock drafts on it, too.

You can buy this app for .99.



SKYLLZONE: Fan vs. Machine — FREE

This draft app isn’t to help your season-long Fantasy Football team, but it is still one of the coolest Fantasy draft tools around.

Basically, you play the Fan vs. Machine game (for free), and you do a draft against nine other teams – all run by computers. These drafts can take 5-10 minutes, or you can do the draft all day long if you want. You’re drafting lineups for weekly matchups, so it’s basically a Daily Fantasy Football game where you can win SKYLL Points and cash. (You turn in SKYLL Points to play in the cash games, where you can win $15 for first place – with no entry fee!)

By competing and winning, you’ll build up your SKYLL Rating, which is basically a Fantasy Football grade that compares you against the world. Whoever has the best SKYLL Rating is King of the Fantasy Hill!

You can get this app for free.

Hopefully, you found one of these 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Apps For the iPad to your liking. Each of them has something special, and it’s still on you to draft the best Fantasy Football team in the league. They’re just your assistant general manager feeding you the information you need to know!

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