2014 First Base Rankings

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Out of all the positional rankings this season, the 2014 Fantasy First Base rankings may actually be the deepest. Sure, Starting Pitching is still deep, and has plenty of young, high potential arms to fill out your squads, but it has been a while since Fantasy Baseball has had this many strong options at first base.

If you’re in a 12-team league this season, you should be in luck, and if you don’t take one of the elite options early, you will have plenty of options, and most importantly some power to choose from, in later rounds.

I am not saying to punt first base by any means, but of the top 12 first basemen going in drafts, I would be happy with most of them.

I am more than willing to draft scarce positions first, and then get my first baseman later on.
Some have power, some hit for average, and of course some have both. If you look at Paul Goldschmidt, he may even get you some steals!

2014 First Baseman Rankings

The rankings for our other positions are posted at the bottom of the page.

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Paul Goldschmidt, Miguel Cabrera, and Chris Davis all have elite power, can hit for fantastic average, and knock in plenty of runs. These three are givens to be drafted in the first round, and more than likely top 8 in most drafts.

New home and a new season for Prince Fielder, who remains a Top-5 First Baseman. His “down” season was still very, very good in 2013. Photo By: Keith Allison

The Next Wave:

Players who are exciting to watch and develop into potential first rounders can also add plenty of value, and although they may not fill the categories as full as the elite First Baseman, they have two things going for them — potential and price tag.

If you are willing to wait a few rounds and snag scarcer positions players, such as Eric Hosmer and Freddie Freeman, they can fill the need at first, while offering plenty of upside.

Potential Breakouts

Last season, I waited on first base and ended up with Allen Craig , who did a more than adequate job, and is still grossly undervalued. However, my steal of the draft was taking a guy by the name of Chris Davis in Round 14. I saw his power surge, and career minor-league average and bought into his second-half surge in 2012. He carried me to several championships.

Justin Smoak is one of my picks to have a breakout season this year. Value is there too, so why not take the risk? Photo by: Keith Allison

So who is like Davis this year at first? I am leaning towards players such as Justin Smoak, Brandon Belt and Jose Abreu to add significant potential and could be your teams heroes by the end of the season. Abreu will need to be taken earlier, but that’s what you studied and planned for right?

Avoiding. Avoiding. Avoiding

Please note, these are guys who are still very good, and valuable, I just prefer to avoid them and will not be taking them in any drafts this season because of their ADP. Adrian Gonzalez, and Albert Pujols will still be Fantasy relevant and could put up solid numbers as your first baseman. Severe power outages, and simple wear and tear coupled with age have me shaking in my boots at taking them. The price tag isn’t outrageous, but there is a risk, and for me if I take risks, it is later in drafts or with younger players.

Give me a player like Matt Adams or Belt this season, and if I am wrong I won’t feel as bad, and I know I didn’t waste a top-five-round pick either. These 2014 First Base Rankings should help you get a good start on the competition.

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