2016 Fantasy Second Basemen Rankings: Highly Questionable?


Remember back in the day when Alfonso Soriano and Bret Boone were crushing 30 bombs a season? As you look through these 2016 Fantasy Second Basemen rankings, you won’t find any 30-HR 2Bs, and you’ll be happy if you can even pull a 20-HR second baseman.

Ahhh, the good ol’ roid-heavy early 2000s! When men were men, and light hitters were sluggers!

We’re in a different age these days with our second basemen, where we’ll want to bolster our speed and run-scoring numbers more than we would our power production.

In the speed category, there were four different second basemen that stole more than 20 bases, yet just a couple hit more than 20 home runs.

Last year, we learned that Jose Altuve was not a one-hit wonder, so to speak, as he followed up a 2014 breakout season with a 2015 career year, hitting 15 out-of-nowhere HRs, and stole 38 bases for the equally surprising Astros.

Speaking of dodging the “fluke” tag, Dee Gordon proved that his big 2014 season with the Dodgers, where he was actually on pace to steal more than 100 bases, was no fluke. He led the majors with 58 stolen bases in 2015 in his first year with the Marlins, and 2016 could be his first full season with Giancarlo Stanton knocking him in all year.

But there are plenty of question marks beyond those two players, many with different degrees of impact on the position. For instance, Cano rebounded from a stinker first half of 2015 in Seattle to lead the position in RBI with 79 for the entire season, which one do we get in 2016? Will Anthony Rendon put a miserable 2015 behind him and resurrect his 20/20 hopes for a healthy 2016? Is Jason Kipnis going to continue his odd-year-good/even-year-bad performances going forward?

Know that the position is a little deeper than in past years, and that getting a second baseman in the later rounds as your middle infielder should serve you better than a shortstop.

2016 Fantasy Rankings: C | 1B | 2B | SS | 3B | OF | SP | RP | Top 250 | Rookies


2016 Fantasy Second Basemen Rankings

These 2016 Fantasy Second Basemen Rankings are for 5×5 Rotisserie Mixed leagues, and we’ll work to update these frequently. You can also check out the SCFE staff rankings on 2016 Fantasy Second Basemen here.

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2016 Fantasy Rankings: C | 1B | 2B | SS | 3B | OF | SP | RP | Top 250 | Rookies

Jason Kipnis Photo Credit: Keith Allison

You’re not going to see several second basemen get drafted in the first round or two, but you’ll be happier with a second baseman drafted in the first 10 rounds this season than you would in past years. So take our 2016 Fantasy Second Basemen rankings to heart!

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