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2024 Top MLB Prospects Bowman 1st Cards: Top 10 Rerank

2024 Top MLB prospects

The 2024 top MLB prospects were just announced by the MLB Network and, and as baseball card collectors, we love it!

January is a slow time for baseball fans, but it’s a pretty exciting time for baseball card collectors! First, we got to find out what the new design is for 2024 Topps flagship cards! Then, we get to find out which player’s rookie cards will be on the 2024 Topps Series 1 checklist! Finally, we get the 2024 top MLB prospects ranked by baseball media companies, like MLB Network and Baseball America!

While many collectors are excited over the 2024 rookie cards of players like Elly De La Cruz and Jasson Dominguez, those names are old hat for prospectors. They jump on products like 2023 Bowman Draft, trying to get superstars before they’re blips on anyone’s radar!

Getting the Bowman 1st cards of the 2024 top MLB prospects and rookies helps turn a collection into an asset! This article goes through the top 10 2024 top MLB prospects Bowman 1st cards and ranks them by collectability – in my opinion!

I used my experience in writing about baseball online for the past 20 years at places like, Sports Illustrated and The Athletic, to shape my opinions. But until the games are played, sports are subjective, as are these pre-MLB rankings. This is not investment advice, as I’m not a financial advisor or some kind of baseball insider.

2024 Top MLB Prospects Bowman 1st Cards

Just like the 2023 Topps Series 1 bumper crop, this list of’s Top 100 Prospects for 2024 is top-heavy with some studs! Remember that Bowman has three major releases, each having versions of Bowman 1st cards: Bowman, Bowman Chrome and Bowman Draft. I’ll mention which card I’m linking to.

Whether you can afford the autograph cards (unlike me!), or you are hunting parallels, or you just want the chrome base cards (like me!), these are the Bowman 1st cards you want to collect.

My Collectability Rank No. 1 – MLB Rank No. 1: Jackson Holliday, SS/2B, BAL (20 years old) – MLB Rank: 1

2022 Bowman Draft Chrome No. BDC168

Former All-Star OF Matt Holliday’s son has it all: he can hit for average and power, he can run like the dickens, and he plays shortstop, the most collectable position in baseball!

2024 Top MLB Prospects - Jackson Holliday

My Collectability Rank No. 2 – MLB Prospect Rank No. 2: Jackson Chourio, OF, MIL (19 years old)

2022 Bowman Chrome Prospects Card No. BCP79

The Venezuelan outfielder signed with the Brew Crew in 2021 and had a breakout season in 2022, becoming a hobby favorite. Collectors love to see “potential superstar” in writeups about Chourio! Seeing that he’s just 19 years old makes him an even bigger cardboard commodity!

My Collectability Rank No. 3 – MLB Rank No. 3:. Junior Caminero, 3B/SS, TB (20 years old)

2023 Bowman Draft Chrome– Card No. BCP61

Much like Chourio exploded onto the scene in 2021, and Elly De La Cruz did the same in 2022, Caminero was the 2023 ball-crushing comet flying up top prospects lists. At just 20 years old, with the ability to replace Wander Franco as the new face of the Rays franchise, Caminero is now solidified as a prospector’s dream.

Junior Caminero - 2024 Top MLB Prospects

My Collectability Rank No. 4 – MLB Rank No. 6. Wyatt Langford, OF, TEX (22 years old)

2023 Bowman Draft Chrome – Card No. BDC106

The Rangers outfield is just stacked, with Evan Carter, Leody Taveras and, eventually, Langford, the fourth overall pick in the 2023 MLB Draft out of Florida. Langford has better upside than anyone in the Rangers organization, including other youngsters, like Josh Jung. This lineup should be great for years to come, and MLB projects Langford as a .280 hitter with 35-homer seasons ahead of him.

My Collectability Rank No. 5 – MLB Rank No. 7. Dylan Crews, OF, WAS (21 years old)

Likely Coming in Upcoming 2024 Bowman Set

We have to wait for his Bowman 1st card, but the Nationals liked the slugger more than both Max Clark, Wyatt Langford – and any other player for that matter, considering they drafted him second overall In 2023.

The Nationals outfield is pretty impressive, with James Wood (14th overall), Robert Hassell III and eventually Crews.

My Collectability Rank No. 6 – MLB Rank No. 5. Evan Carter – OF – TEX (21 years old)

2020 Bowman Draft Chrome– Card No. BD126

One of the Rangers’ top hitters in the 2023 MLB postseason, Carter’s Bowman 1st cards were probably picked through all offseason. He’s a good hitter with average power, but the Rangers are expected to really run a lot more in 2024!

My Collectability Rank No. 7 – MLB Prospect Rank No. 3: Paul Skenes, RHP, PIT (21 years old)

2023 Bowman Draft Chrome– Card No. BDC14

Collectors aren’t huge fans of pitchers, for the most part, but if they are standouts – they make room in their displays. MLB considers Skenes the “best college pitching prospect since Stephen Strasburg,” which excites and sickens card collectors because of Strasburg’s injury history.

At 6-foot-6, it’s tough to think that frame will hold up for a 12-year MLB career.

My Collectability Rank No. 8 – MLB Rank No. 9. Colson Montgomery, SS, CHX (21 years old)

2022 Bowman Chrome Prospects – Card No. BCP71

Montgomery was the top prospect in the Arizona Fall League, and he’ll likely play in the South Side of Chicago later this summer. MLB notes that his bat is what will make him an eventual All-Star infielder.

My Collectability Rank No. 9 – MLB Rank No. 8. Ethan Salas, C, SD (17 years old)

2023 Bowman Chrome Prospects – Card No. BCP171

Catchers aren’t usually very collectable for a number of reasons, including the fact that they often take longer to reach the majors, and their hitting sometimes suffers because of their work on defense.

Salas, however, might be different.

The Venezuelan was playing for Double-A San Antonio as a 17-year-old backstop.

Catchers usually need to work on their defense first, and hitting second, but if Salas makes the majors by 20, which MLB projects, then that doesn’t matter for this powerful hitter.

Ethan Salas - 2024 Top MLB Prospects

My Collectability Rank No. 10 – MLB Rank No. 10. Walker Jenkins, OF, MIN (18 years old) –

Likely Coming in Upcoming 2024 Bowman Set

Jenkins turns 19 years old in February of 2024, the fifth overall hitter is considered a better hit-for-average kind of player than a hit-for-power guy.

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It’s tough to collect all the awesome rookies and prospects, but getting the Bowman 1st cards of the 2024 top MLB prospects is a great start! Also, don’t forget to check our page that has the best rookie cards from every Topps Baseball set from 1952 through 2024!

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