3 Reasons Why April 19 is a HUGE Daily Fantasy Baseball Day!

Boston Marathon Bombing

The season is a couple weeks old now, and we’re all starting to get into our grooves of daily research, add/drops, scouting and team massaging. But the Daily Fantasy Baseball sites want to let you know they think Friday, April 19, is a big frickin’ day!

Several Daily Fantasy Sports sites have BIG promotions and tournaments hitting on that day.

These are cheap tournaments with either great prizes at the end, or a great cause — including the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing from Monday. More on that later.

Here’s a quick rundown of the ones I’m familiar with.


Qualifier for Draft Day’s 2013 Fantasy MLB Expert Challenge

This one I’m especially fond of because it involves my favorite subject – ME!

Friday night, for $1, you can join a qualifying tournament that will give one person entry into a single-elimination bracket tournament against 14 Fantasy Baseball writers for $1,000 in prizes.

Draft Day MLB Experts Challenge

In other words, win the qualifier, gain a seat in the Fantasy MLB Expert Challenge ($60 value), which happens on Tuesday, April 23.

Once you get into the tournament, it works like the Sweet 16 in a NCAA Tournament bracket. You’ll face one expert, and if you beat him, you move on to the Elite 8 to face another expert. Then you move on to the Final Four (in the money!) and you are just two more wins away from being the Top Dawg!

Best part: Even if you don’t win first place in this Daily Fantasy Baseball tournament – you’ll get your $1 back if you land in the top 100! A dolla make me holla!

You’ll be going up with the following writers from some great Fantasy Baseball websites:


Beat Matthew Berry on Draft Street For a $5 Bonus

Matthew Berry - DraftStreet.com

Matthew Berry is a charter member of the FSWA Hall of Fame.

This one you’ll have to hunt down.

But I got an email from DraftStreet.com challenging me to beat Fantasy expert Matthew Berry in a Head-to-Head challenge, and they’ll throw in some bonus cash.

If I pony up $5, and beat Berry, I’ll get $9 in return – PLUS – a $5 bonus from Draft Street.

So I deposited $100 into my account there, and got a 20-percent deposit bonus ($20), and I then I filled out my “MLB Pick ‘em” lineup. Basically, you pick eight players from eight varying tiers of talent.

My roster looks like this: Miguel Cabrera, Justin Upton, Andrew McCutchen, Joey Votto, Paul Konerko, Shin-Soo Choo, Ryan Howard and Starling Marte.

Good luck to everyone – except Matthew Berry!


DraftKings.com’s “Boston Strong” Benefit Contest Supporting Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

Finally, I saved this one for last because it’s important and a little heavier than the ones above.

Boston Marathon BombingThree people were killed, and over 170 people injured Monday when two bombs were detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Based within a mile of that location, CEO Jason Robins and the Draft Kings team saw the opportunity to do something good in the face of something bad.

“Like everybody else in the country, we watched in horror as the casualties mounted,” Draft Kings CEO Jason Robins wrote in an email Wednesday. “Like the rest of Boston, we waited for words from our friends and families who were participating in the marathon.”

april 19They’re asking us to join a special tournament Friday night, in which 100-percent of the funds raised will be matched and sent to reputable charities to help the bombing victims, with the help of TUGG.org.

It’s a $5 donation to enter this contest, and you can enter multiple times if you’d like to donate more. Support this tournament, and support our friends from Boston.

So with these three Daily Fantasy Baseball tournaments going on Friday, I know I’ll be busy filling out some lineups! Hope to see you there, preferably one spot behind me, but still!

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