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3 Sports Videos Thursday: My, Oh My!

Macklemore, Sports Videos - Seattle Mariners

I’d like to start a new thing, where each week, I post my three favorite sports videos for your viewing enjoyment! It really has nothing to do with Fantasy Football or Fantasy Baseball. (If you want that today, check out my 2013 Fantasy Football Rankings and my 2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings!)

TOM BRADY FOUND FIDO! You know, I wish I was good at video editing to pull this off. Oh, and smart enough … and funny enough … and had enough time … and clever enough to think of it first …

This is a video of NFL players talking and yelling at each other, sorta not really.

It’s cool though, cuz Tom Brady found Fido.

We head to the NBA for a Best of Charles Barkley being dumb on Inside the NBA on TNT.

There is absolutely no question that he is the Yogi Berra of the NBA. He has the charm and the quick wit of Yogi, but he also has a devilish side that loves to mock and ridicule. And for THAT, we’re thankful.

I’ve got two words for you: stevenash andchrispaul.

And finally, my nephew Cal, who plays in the marching band at the Univ. of Florida (goooooo Gators!) turned me on to “The Heist.” That’s a hip-hop album by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and it has a nice De La Soul meets Kanye West meets Beastie Boys sound to it. “Thrift Shop” is their current “hit,” but the entire album is song-to-song awesome. (I’m also FULLY aware that the minute Uncle Dave liked his music, those songs were instantly deemed uncool. It was that way with my Uncle, and with my Uncle’s Uncle, and with his Uncle’s Uncle.)

Why is this among my three favorite sports videos of the week?

Baseball fans will like it because, well, it’s about baseball. When was the last time there was a cool baseball song? … Exactly.

This is basically a great rap tribute to the late, great Seattle Mariners broadcaster, Dave Niehaus. His familiar catchphrase was, “My, Oh My!” It’s also a big nod to the 1995 Seattle Mariners, who beat the California Angels in a one-game playoff to win the AL West. That also happened to be their first entry into the MLB playoffs in the team’s 18-year history.

My, oh my!

Hopefully, you enjoyed my initial post on my three favorite sports videos of the week! Tweet a suggestion to me for next week!

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