5 Free NFL Mock Draft Contests You Should Join

NFL Mock Draft Contests

The 2014 NFL draft is nearly on top of us, which means Fantasy Football owners are going nuts as they get ready to redo their rankings in anticipation of what this class of rookies will bring to each team. Let’s fill out some free NFL mock draft contests, so we can win stuff!

We’ve been dealing with the same rankings for a few weeks now, as free agency has slowed down in preparation for the draft on Thursday, and now we finally get some new names to add.

But first, there are several websites that are running free NFL Mock Draft contests that I thought you’d enjoy checking out!

With each of these, you can win something! Some prizes are cash, some tickets and some are even better! (Unless you really love cash and tickets.)

Note: I skipped contests meant for message board members, or fans of particular teams (both the Niners and Cowboys have ones, which you can find by just searching for them).

5 Free NFL Mock Draft Contests

Fill out these NFL mock draft contests and be a winner! (Or at the very least, we can all be a little bit less of a loser.) We’ll rank these from the most simple (in our eyes), to the most involved.

FFToday NFL Draft Contest

When I first wrote this post, I completely forgot about this one — from FFToday.com — which made me think to write this post in the first place!

Make picks 1-10, and you’ll get scored according to where they get picked — in other words, how far away the pick you made really went in the NFL Draft.

Incentive: $100, an FFToday.com tshirts, their “Draft Buddy,” and an entry into a 2014 3-and-Out! Contest.

Second place gets a tshirt and an entry into a 2014 3-and-Out! cntest.

FantasyPros NFL Mock Draft Contest

This is actually a Facebook contest, which means, you’ll just have to “LIKE” the FantasyPros page, then answer just 10 multiple choice questions. You only get one entry per person, so get your wife to like this page, too!

Incentive: $1,000 prize value sponsored by DraftStreet (Top 50 scores earn a prize!)

Sample Question: How many wide receivers will be drafted in the first round?

  • 1 or 2
  • 3 or 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7 or more

Ourlads.com’s 2014 NFL Mock Draft Challenge

First, sign up and create a mock draft on their site – it’s free! Seven rounds deep if you want!

Second, check out everyone else’s mock drafts!

NFL Mock Draft Contests - Ourlads ring

Play like a mock draft champion today! — on Ourlads.com

Third, check out the “World Mock Draft Champion” ring you might win if you win their contest! You’ll get it with your favorite NFL team’s colored stone in it, of course.

Incentive: World Mock Draft Champion Ring!

NFL.com’s Predict the Pick Contest

Sign up, make a pick for each of the 32 picks in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, and have a chance to win a trip to the NFL Kickoff Game on September 4, between the Packers and Seahawks in Seattle!

You also get to pick how long the first round will actually take as the contest’s tiebreaker. I did the whole thing in 10 minutes – see you at the game!

Incentive: Tickets to the NFL Kickoff Game!

WalterFootball.com 2014 Mock Draft Contest

Once again, it’s a free entry, and you just do a mock draft like you normally would. The way they score it is that they go off of the pick numbers, not the team that picks them, as they can’t adjust for trades they don’t know might happen.

This mock draft contest is for the FIRST ROUND ONLY!

Scoring for this contest is as follows:

  • 5 pts for a correct pick
  • 4 pts for a pick off by one slot
  • 3 pts for a pick off by two slots
  • 2 pts for a pick off by three slots
  • 1 pt for a pick off by four slots
  • 0 pts for a pick off by five or more slots

Incentive: $350 for first place, $75 for second place, $25 for third place

Two tie-breakers:

  1. At what pick will the first trade occur?
  2. How long with the first round of the draft be (in minutes)?

Good luck with your picks, and with your favorite NFL team’s picks!

Am I missing any NFL mock draft contests? Let me know in the comments below!

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