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50 Reasons Why Baseball is Awesome

The Green Monster in Fenway Park, Boston

All we’ve heard about for the past decade is how steroids have ruined baseball. Don’t believe it! The game is still great. People try to tell you its boring, but it’s not — it’s a cerebral game that leaves room for discussion between each pitch. It leaves room for banter and appreciation of every single event. In this age of instant gratification, it’s a game that teaches us patience and rewards us with bursts of power and speed.

Here are 50 reasons why baseball is awesome – even if some are long behind us.

  1. Upside-down mini-helmets filled with ice cream
  2. The suicide squeeze
  3. Wooden bats
  4. Suddenly, left-handed people matter
  5. The seventh-inning stretch
  6. Managers running out onto the field to argue a call
  7. Fifty or so baseballs end up in the stands (fouls and homers) during every ballgame as souvenirs
  8. The 5-4-3 double-play
  9. Dents on the Green Monster
  10. Sausage Races in MilwaukeeRoll call in the right-field bleachers at Yankee Stadium
  11. Tommy John surgery
  12. 42
  13. Different dimensions in all stadiums
  14. Sausage races
  15. The physics of the curve ball
  16. 1971 Topps Thurman Munson
  17. Yogi
  18. Bob Costas
  19. Fathers/Mothers and sons/daughters enjoying a game together
  20. Its place in civil rights history
  21. Little League
  22. Major League movie posterIf not for baseball, we’d have to watch tennis in the summer.
  23. “Shipping Up to Boston”
  24. Catch against the wall
  25. Chin music
  26. Playing catch with your Dad/son
  27. Peanuts and hot dogs taste the best here.
  28. Ken Burns
  29. A triple
  30. Fitted caps
  31. The stories about Harry Caray, Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin, Bill Lee, Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth
  32. “Major League”
  33. 56
  34. Spring training
  35. T206 Honus Wagner
  36. Bloopers on “This Week in Baseball” with Mel Allen
  37. Sports’ greatest villain: The Yankees
  38. Topps 1971 Thurman Munson, New York YankeesBuck O’Neil
  39. First baseman’s split.
  40. Pesky’s Pole
  41. The sacrifice bunt
  42. Old stadiums with trough urinals
  43. The walkoff home run
  44. Hard, flat pieces of crappy gum
  45. The ivy at Wrigley Field
  46. Mound ball
  47. Nicknames like The Splendid Splinter, The Say Hey Kid, Charlie Hustle, Pudge and Pronk
  48. Visiting team’s homers returning to the field in Chicago
  49. Rotisserie
  50. Head-first dives

Did I miss anything awesome?



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