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6 Easy Daily Fantasy Football Games Everyone Should Play

SKYLLZONE Fan vs. Machine

About one in every 10 Fantasy Football players also play Daily Fantasy Football games, which is also sometimes called Weekly Fantasy Football.

Many of the reasons why the other 90 percent of the people in our hobby don’t play Daily games is because they either don’t have the time, don’t want to risk money, think it’s too complicated or are leery of going up against Fantasy sharks.

So I’m taking it upon myself to share some great Daily Fantasy Football games that I consider very easy to play, and some of them alleviate most, if not all, of the issues I mentioned above.

6 Easy Daily Fantasy Football Games

Give these half-dozen games a shot and I think you’ll soon find that they’re as fun to play as your traditional games – that you have just one Draft Day for in August.

SKYLLZONE Fan vs. Machine

You’ve likely heard me talk about this before, whether in an article here or on SiriusXM radio with Nando Di Fino. I’m writing for the SKYLLZONE blog, so I have a little more inside info than others.

This game is free, first of all, as is the free iPhone app. You can either draft on your iPhone or draft on your PC.

SKYLLZONE Fan vs. Machine Points GameThe Fan vs. Machine game is you drafting against nine computers – one free draft per day, five free drafts per week. It’s not a salary cap game, like most Daily Fantasy Football games, so it’s much more natural for traditional players to try out. Each draft can be done in five or 10 minutes, or you can take all day if you like.

As you play (and do well) you earn SKYLL Points, which you can then turn around and use in SKYLL Cash games for a chance to win $15 for first place, or $5 for second place.

Get that? Play for free, get a chance at free money!

Also, in Week 15, they’re holding a Tournament of Champions, where the winner gets a share of $100,000 in cash prizes.

Like I said, Chris Meyers and I write at SKYLLZONE, so we’ll offer up tips often. Here’s their most recent ADP for Week 1 drafts! Pick’em Game

This is a cool game because you get to choose between different trios of players, and who you think will outscore other trios of players. Well, I guess I made it sound more difficult. But let me explain it this way: There are 10 matchups on SportsTradex Pick’em Games, and you have to pick your eight favorite. These matchups are like this, which trio do you think will score more in Week 1:

  • LeSean McCoy vs. Jacksonville
    Tony Romo vs. San Francisco
    Demaryius Thomas vs. Indianapolis
  • Matt Forte vs. Buffalo
    Drew Brees vs. Atlanta
    Keenan Allen vs. Arizona

Personally, I like that second group better!

They have double-ups for as little as $2.20, which means your entry fee into the game is $2.20, with a chance to win another $2 back if you finish in the top half (meaning, you pick more correct matchups than half of the other players).

Draft Day Rapid Fire

This is similar to the Pick ‘em game above, but on you’re just picking between five one-on-one matchups. This is my favorite of the easy Daily Fantasy Football games. For instance, the picks below were set for Week 1, although, sometimes they do change them if a player is injured or something. It’s good to get in early, though, so that if someone does get pulled for injury, you are already in – and you can change your pick to the non-injured guy if you want. You just can’t change the amount you chose to risk.

Draft Day Rapid Fire, Easy Daliy Fantasy Football Games

If you get three of the five matchups correct, you double your money!

One of my other favorite Draft Day features is their Start ’em/Sit ‘em games. You can choose to play the QB, RB or WR version of this game. For instance, the QB game has 10 different quarterback matchups, and you basically just choose with player you think will score more than the other player. Then their total Fantasy points is added up and winners get paid!

FanNation’s Football Throwdown

Their iPhone app makes it super easy to play, and they’re backed by Sports Illustrated, where I also happen to write. You set up a head-to-head challenge, with a friend or a stranger, and you pick three players from three different teams who you think will outperform FanNation’s projections. Whichever players score more points than their projections wins!

FantasyFeud’s Survivor Game

Just pick one QB, one RB and one WR each week on, but you can’t use the same players again all season. Those that survive the longest win cash!

Give these easy Daily Fantasy Football games a shot, whether you choose to play on your phone or on their websites, and let us know how you did! Or let us know if there are some other easy games that we didn’t mention.

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