71 Fantasy Football Sleepers and Values and Where You Should Draft Them

Fantasy Football Sleepers

There is no shortage of fantasy football rankings available these days. A simple Google search brings back over twenty million results. As is the case in just about every walk of life, in fantasy football it’s crucially important to know who to trust.

When it comes to ranking the rankers, FantasyPros is in a league all their own. FantasyPros aggregates fantasy rankings of over 150+ industry rankers, finally holding pundits and geeks alike accountable for their recommendations. At the end of each season, FantasyPros awards trophies and site badges to the most accurate experts, but more importantly, they rank the experts by accuracy.

Over the past four seasons, FantasyPros has found 4for4 Fantasy Football to have the most accurate weekly rankings. There are ups and downs each season, and fantasy rankers come and go, but over the long haul 4for4 has had the most consistently accurate rankings available. Do they get it right all the time? No, of course they don’t. But if you’re looking for a trusted source for fantasy football rankings and projections, look no further than 4for4 Fantasy Football.

4for4’s rankings are not free. They are a paid subscription service (just under 30 bucks for unlimited access) with a whole host of customizable fantasy tools and reports. They do publish a good amount of high quality, free content, though. And that’s what I’m going to highlight here.

Below are 4for4’s Sleepers & Values lists. They go deep at each skill position, so these are useful for just about any league type, be it an 8-teamer or a 16-teamer, there’s something here for everyone. All four articles were written by Senior Editor and Rankings Guru John Paulsen and will help you win drafts today:

Another great series at 4for4 is the Utilizing the Draft Planner Series. John Paulsen uses the ADP Draft Planner (one of many great tools available at 4for4) to build a fantasy football draft plan from various spots in a snake draft. Only the first portion of these articles are available for free, but in my opinion, these alone are worth the price of admission:

The next time you’re preparing for a fantasy football draft, scouring the web for rankings to use in your draft that starts in an hour, head over to FantasyPros and check out the expert accuracy results. Do the rankings you’re considering using even publish their accuracy results? Worse yet, is it a magazine that was published months before your draft? You’ve got to know you you can trust, and most importantly, don’t get caught with your pants down on Draft Day.

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