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9 Guys You’ll Meet During Fantasy Trades

Jeff Spicoli, Fantasy Trades

Fantasy trades are the most divisive part of Fantasy Sports. It is one of two ways to improve your team, and doesn’t involve any luck whatsoever, but rather your ability to know your hand and how to read theirs.

The robbery of a good trade is euphoric, while to be taken for a fool can be season ending.

If there was an art form in Fantasy Sports, it would be in your ability to “talk trade” until the deal you wants get done. The beauty of trading isn’t just in the trade and its aftermath itself either, but in the negotiations. Everyone negotiates differently too, and that’s where the snakes in the grass really lie.

Below is a list of negotiation partners you can expect to find in your league during Fantasy trades.

9 Guys You’ll Meet During Fantasy Trades

Ask-For-Way-Too-Much Guy

The guy who is willing to put up some nice pieces, but in the end it’s his way or the highway. He will never lowball you, but expect to pay at least market value for the guy you want from him and more.

Insanely-Lopsided-Offer Guy

Sure he will generalize it with some out of the blue statement claiming you needed depth at starting pitcher or how good an extra closer could be on your team. The problem with insanely lopsided offer guy is that he won’t ever part with his studs, but he will ask for yours.

He is the guy that gets you excited to see a trade offer, but when you find out it’s him you just click rejected and move on with your day.
Jeff Spicoli, Fantasy Trades

Stoner/Uninterested Guy

You will start talks, you may even make progress, but he will forget about it, you will become annoyed because you’re not making progress and the cycle will repeat.

I-Know-There-is-a-Trade-Here Guy

No matter how many times you try and make the pieces fit they just don’t. He is persistent and will get his way if you let up, beware, sometimes they just need to be told no. Otherwise your inbox will suffer.

You-Only-Get-One-Shot-to-Impress Guy

You better offer this guy a good deal, because if you don’t you won’t be getting a counter offer. It better be fair and it better help him or don’t bother.
9 Guys You Meet During Fantasy Trades

Let’s-Make-a-Deal Guy

He sends you an email with a base of a deal, by the end of the day you have something worked out and your done before dinner. We need more people like this guy.

Irrational-View-of-His-Player Guy

There is one in every league. Best way to work with this guy is ask for his best player and nothing else. You probably don’t want anything else anyway.Fantasy Trades Magician

Something-Up-His-Sleeve Guy

This owner always has something waiting in the background. He really wants you to make this trade with him, but can’t explain exactly why. Does he have another trade already in the waiting; are you just a pawn to his next trade? Be careful around these sharks, when they smell blood, they attack.

The Mad Scientist

Beakers has a formula that you just can’t seem to figure out. Who knows what’s going on in his fantasy brain but his track record can’t be ignored. When he offers you a trade do you accept?

As these guys talk trade with you, make sure to run your trade possibilities by the Trade Debate community for free! And make sure you follow us on Twitter @TradeDebate.



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