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A Complete Primer on Fantasy Football (Infographic)


I love a good infographic — especially ones that talk about beer or football! But this one I thought was pretty clever of the folks at Although, I do have a few comments about their … comments.

History: Much like Fantasy Baseball, the history of Fantasy Football’s creation is pretty debated. I’m fine with their claim, I’m just pointing it out. (Side note: Why did the ESPN 30 For 30 on Fantasy Baseball suck sooooo much? Nearly every one of those documentaries was awesome, taking me back in time before the Internet made our lives crazy. But this one was a busted first-round pick.)

Colleague: Besides the fact they misspelled the word, “colleague,” I’m also not so sure that getting an email from a co-worker to tell you the boss is about to walk by is the best way to signal your impending doom. Maybe they meant, IM? I do love the image of the “colleage” grabbing books off the bookshelf. I can just imagine hearing him signal you from there, screaming, “Ca-cawww!!! C-cawww!!!” And really, in the scene they are presenting, aren’t you in a better sight line to see your dumb boss than the colleague, who is around the corner of a bookshelf?

Plus, look at the clock! It’s lunchtime! Back off, boss-man!!! Actually, as I look closer at that clock, that thing has TWO big hands! This guy works in some other dimension where it’s 12-6 o’clock and co-workers can see around corners.

Obviously, didn’t know about The Boss App. This app, once you set it up on your PC, makes it much easier to hide your Fantasy Football prep spreadsheets and websites. All you do, when you hear the evil boss come trouncing around the corner, is move your phone a little and everything bad goes away on your screen, including the bad items on your menu bar. Brilliant! I’m sure there’s a “Mistress App” that has similar capabilities, but I’m going to NOT search for that.

No. 3 and No. 4 are just dumb.

Scoring: I love the random mention of two points for a blocked kick.

Enjoy this primer on Fantasy Football … created by some credit-checking website!


Perils of Fantasy Football
Via: Credit Score Blog

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