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A Fantasy Football Beer Lineup


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While fans aren’t yet flocking to parking lots and stadiums to catch their favorite football teams, draft rooms – both virtual and real life – will soon be filled with friends-turned-vicious competitors for the upcoming Fantasy Football season. As you’re preparing your Draft Day cheat sheets, here’s a little help to get the creative juices flowing for all that trash talk you’ll be doing this season.

Your Fantasy Football beer starting lineup…


QB Aaron Rodgers: The cream (cheese?) of the crop from Wisconsin

Rodgers may be as good as it gets at the QB position these days, but dairy puns aside, Wisconsin is known for things other than football and cows. It’s also actually home to one the the country’s top craft beer scenes, including highly-regarded New Glarus Brewing. While I’ve only had a selection of their beers once at a festival – New Glarus doesn’t ship outside of Wisconsin – I can vouch for the incredible flavor of what they brought. Namely, a java creme brulee stout and Simcoe hop-based IPA (read: super hoppy beer). You’d be hard-pressed to find a brew from New Glarus that turns people off, including their Spotted Cow cream ale, complete with Wisconsin pun.



RB Trent Richardson: Hyped-up new kid on the block

He’s just a rookie, but he’s the “most anticipated rookie running back in Fantasy Football since Darren McFadden.” He’ll be a top pick in your league despite his age and experience because you know what he’s capable of – 1,200+ yards, according to projections. The same can be said for Green Flash Palate Wrecker, which can finally be found across the country thanks to distribution in bottles for the first time in 2012. Brewed by San Diego-based Green Flash Brewing, you can count on this beer to knock you off your feet between the amount of hops they pack into a bottle and its 9.5 percent ABV. Expect citrus notes, pine and a big smile.



WR Josh Cribbs: Mr. Versatility

He’s a special teams threat, caught 41 passes and even threw in a handful of rushing attempts. Josh Cribbs can do a little bit of everything – don’t you want a beer that can do the same? A good beer for any occasion,or simply something that pairs well with a variety of foods, the pale ale is generally a safe bet. Luckily one of the best – Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale – is found all around the country. It’s a little more hoppy than traditional pale ales, but the hop smell and flavor also induces some sweetness. It’s a well-liked beer that works across a variety of palates.



TE Rob Gronkowski: When it’s time to get after it

I will not be drinking Bud Light Lime any time soon (beer nerd morals, and such) – but if you gotta party, you gotta PARTYPARTYPARTY. Right, Gronk? So lube up with the good time lime and see where the evening takes you. Note: this beer will not guarantee a tryst with an adult film star, but that doesn’t mean it won’t stop you from posting embarrassing photos on Twitter. You’ve been warned.



K Matt Bryant: Ol’ reliable

As one of only four kickers to hit over 90 percent of his field goals last season, Atlanta could count on Bryant when they needed him. As for you, count on Founder’s Brewing Centennial IPA, one of many top-notch beers from the Michigan-based brewery. This IPA is great for preseason football, as its citrus notes blend well with the waning days of summer. It’s a bit high in bitterness, but balanced well by all its hops. In addition to the Centennial IPA, just about any Founder’s beer can be counted on to please.


D/ST Seattle Seahawks: The homefield advantage

CenturyLink Field (formally Qwest Field) has always been considered one of the hardest places to play in the NFL with the Seahawks’ famed “12th Man” tradition. In their last five home games of the 2011 season, Seattle gave up an average of 17 points. If you’re looking to get your own edge at home, why not take a plunge into homebrewing? It’s easier than you think. “Starter” kits are relatively inexpensive, homebrew companies will ship fully-stocked recipes right to your door and you can make whatever variety or flavor you want while saving money. Above all else, when you crack open that bottle for the first time and take a sip – much like when your home team wins — it’s good to know you had a hand in it. Now that’s a homefield advantage.


I hope you enjoyed the Fantasy Football beer lineup guest blog! If you did, come over to my site at This Is Why I’m Drunk to read my reviews of plenty of other great craft beers!

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