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Branching Out: Introducing

You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been slacking on my January blog posts on You know I’ve been writing for several sites lately, from to to SKYLLZONE. But now, I’ve launched an entirely new Fantasy Sports website called, where I’ll be joined by dozens of Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football writers to produce top-notch articles and tools.

I’m super excited about this news because ever since I left, I’ve wanted to start another Fantasy Sports site that published all sorts of Fantasy writers.

As a matter of fact, that’s what my very first foray into the Fantasy industry was. Back in the early 2000s, I started, and I slowly built that up to a small team of earnest Fantasy writers. Here I am 15 years older, 15 years wiser, and with a whole lot less hair – but I’m ready to make this new site my best project yet!

What Will Offer?

This site is going to be home to veteran Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Hockey writers. But we’re also going to be the training grounds for young writers that are looking to find a foothold into the Fantasy Sports industry.

We’ll have deep statistical dives that some of the stat-geeks love, and we’ll have standard Fantasy fare, that we’ve all become used to.

One of the things Doug Anderson and I thought this site should have is some great Fantasy tools. We’ll have a dollar-value generator soon, and it will join our 2015 MLB Position Eligibility page as our first Fantasy tools.

Do you have an idea for a great Fantasy tool? Shoot me a note @DavidGonos and let’s see if we can create one – you’ll get full credit!

SocalledFantasyExperts.comThroughout the Fantasy Baseball preseason, we’ll be churning out tons of strategy pieces, including this one on if you should draft a starting pitcher early or not (it’s much more in-depth that it sounds!). We’ll post our Fantasy Baseball rankings, busts, sleepers and everything else you can imagine. That also includes our 2015 Fantasy Baseball Team Previews in the Fantasy 30 For 30 Series.

Once the Fantasy Baseball season starts, you can bet that we’ll have Daily Fantasy Baseball players covered with daily picks and strategy pieces, as well as traditional Fantasy content.

Both Chris Meyers and Devin Jordan will also be moving over to the new site, joining the SCFE writing staff. That means, however, that they won’t be posting over here anymore!

What About

So what does that mean for the website? What kind of changes should we expect if Myers, Jordan and myself are posting Fantasy articles over at

Don’t worry – I’ll still be posting regularly over on this site. I’ll be posting my rankings and my reviews of some of the best Fantasy tools and apps out there, and everything else I can think of. But I’ll also go back to posting more about the other things I love, like food, TV shows, movies and music – and telling funny stories. This site, I’m expecting, will go back to becoming a much more personal blog that connects with you in more ways than just with Fantasy Sports.

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