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Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium Compared: Who’s Better?

Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium

It’s summertime in California. That means sunshine, the beach and plenty of baseball. With five popular MLB teams, tourists and residents have no shortage of big league entertainment. LA alone features two prominent teams, Dodgers and Angels, and it’s not exactly a friendly rivalry. Fans usually point to the performance of their team for bragging rights, but a third of the way through the season, both of these teams are near the bottom of their divisions. If the Cubs have taught us anything, it’s that no team can play bad enough to ruin a day at the ballpark. So which stadium offers a better experience to its fans? Call us biased (we bleed Angel red), but if you’re looking for a great ballpark experience, the Dodger Stadium doesn’t hold a candle to the Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

Cheap Brews

Baseball and beer go perfect, and Angels fans get more for their money than almost any other fanbase. The cost for a small draft is $4.50, compared to $6.25 at the Dodgers Stadium. Over the course of a nine-inning game and a 162-game season, the $1.75 difference adds up. The Angels boast the third best beer prices in baseball, only trailing the Arizona Diamondbacks and Cleveland Indians. For a large-market team, cheap beer is a big deal.

Modern Architecture

Developers broke ground on the Angel Stadium in ’64, just two years after the Dodger Stadium opened. Both have a rich history, including multiple championships, but only one looks as it belongs in the 21st century. That’s Angel Stadium, which got a modern facelift in the ’90s. The new Angel Stadium features artificial rocks behind center field and an updated Jumbotron. Dodger Stadium has remained relatively untouched, and while baseball purists may appreciate the classic look, the home of the Dodgers doesn’t offer much in terms of family-friendly entertainment.

Surrounding Nightlife

Who says the night is over when the game ends? Patrons looking to extend the night with a post-game meal have plenty of options around Angel Stadium. Located just off the Santa Ana Freeway, Angel Stadium is easily accessible and far enough from Downtown LA to avoid heavy traffic. Dozens of bars and restaurants await fans just north of the stadium. Located in Chavez Ravine, Dodger Stadium lacks nightlife within walking distance. Plan on leaving early unless you’re prepared to sit in traffic as fans file out.

Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium

Angel Stadium, Image by Bryce Edwards, Creative Commons license

Friendly Fans declared Angel Stadium the best MLB park, partly due to the friendly fans. Last on the list? You guessed it: Dodger Stadium. Most fans of the Dodgers know how to enjoy a ballgame, but a few bad eggs have earned fans a reputation as poor sports prone to shouting obscenities and chucking beer. Fans of the Angels may give you an ear full when their team goes ahead, but they won’t give you a beer bath for supporting your squad.

It’s not all bad blood between the Dodgers and Angels. Fans of the Dodgers get to listen to games called by Vin Scully, one of the greatest baseball figures. Scully alone is worth the price of an MLB DirecTV package. When you’re ready for a night of live baseball, head to the Angel Stadium and see a real game.

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