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It has been about 10 days since I published the e-book, “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” as a downloadable PDF. I’ve been on a few radio shows and getting some pub on several websites, so I thought now was a good time to talk about what’s been going on with this Fantasy Baseball ebook!

SiriusXM Radio with the RotoExperts

Last week, I joined Scott Engel and Adam Ronis on SiriusXM Radio’s RotoExperts in the morning. Had a great time with them, especially with Engel, who I worked with for a couple years back at in the mid-2000s.

We talked about several of the tips in the book, and Engel specifically pointed out Paul Greco’s tip headline, “Drafting Naked Makes So Much Sense.”

SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, Fantasy Baseball ebookI explained the tip a little bit, but Engel knew Greco’s just weird enough to probably really draft naked. I told him that it was one of my favorite tips. Then I said, “You know what, I’m not sure I’m really comfortable talking about ‘favorite tips’ for something dealing with a naked Paul Greco!”

And then I got called a crispy-eyed critter or something and we moved on.

These guys really do a fun morning show and you should give it a shot if you have SiriusXM. They were more than helpful talking about how much they enjoyed our Fantasy Baseball ebook.

As I mentioned in the book, Cory Schwartz of was one of the first advocates for getting this book off the ground. He was happy to contribute, and I was even able to get Mike Siano and Fred Zinkie in on it as well. Three guys from!

MLB com Fantasy Baseball ebookDespite my friendship with Michael Fabiano, I doubt I’ll get him or anyone else from for my Fantasy Football e-book. Not because he wouldn’t do it, but because I think the NFL is much more proprietary about their writers, much like the guys at ESPN. Several of them were invited, but corporate said no-go.

But the guys are awesome. They even posted a link to the e-book on their main Fantasy content listing of the MLBlogs Network!

Steve Gardner, the Fantasy Baseball writer at, was also real helpful both during the writing of the book and the promotion. He asked if he could post his tip in an article, if he linked to the Fantasy Baseball ebook. Of course, I thought that was a great idea and have since recommended other writers do the same.

On Tuesday, Gardner posted his article, “Beachy, Luebke could be excellent Draft Day Stashes,” along with his tip, “Don’t Fear the Limper,” inside. It talks about why it’s smart to draft some players that are injured right now because they’re cheap, and then get great benefits in the coming months. Great tip, great writer, great promo!

Travis Rowe posted a great piece on trading, and he quoted Fred Zinkie’s tip in the “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” ebook. “Aside from Draft Day, trading is the most exciting part of Fantasy Baseball,” Zinkie said. “It’s the only way to make your team better, at the expense of one of your competitors.”

Rowe’s piece is titled, “Fantasy Baseball Zen: The Art of Trading,” and I recommend you check it out! He says that patience is a weapon, not a virtue – and other smarty-like stuffs like that there! Control your emotions and be selectively aggressive in trading. He explains how to do just that in this article.

Stay tuned as we discuss the other spots our Fantasy Baseball ebook is popping up!



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