Fantasy Baseball Tips – No. 80 – “Pretend Opening Day is June 10”

Fantasy Baseball Tips, Opening Day

This is an excerpt from my e-book, “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips,” which is still available for the low, low price of just $0.99! It has 59 writers from 37 websites, with 12 categories — and 101 Fantasy Baseball Tips!

There is probably no other day on the schedule that has more people checking in on their Fantasy teams than on Opening Day. There are always some out-of-nowhere performances by Fantasy free agents, and there are always some first-round pitchers that get inexplicably hammered.

So while you might be ready to over-manage your fantasy baseball team after just one day of games, think about this:

Are you going to cut off one millimeter from your hair today because it grew too quickly since your haircut Monday?

How much did your savings account increase from last night to today?

How much weight did you lose when you walked from your bedroom to the fridge this morning? How much weight did you gain after eating three slices of pizza for breakfast?

Rick Ankiel, Fantasy Baseball Tips

Astros OF Rick Ankiel homered on Opening Day, but he has a total of 31 home runs in his past four seasons combined (386 games).

Anyone that has followed baseball for a few years knows that Opening Day always brings up names like Tuffy Rhodes — and for good reason.

In 1994, he smacked three homers for the Cubs on Opening Day – becoming the first NL player to ever accomplish the feat. Imagine the rush to the waiver wire that day! Unfortunately, in all six seasons of his major league career, he only went on to hit 10 more home runs.

Don’t value Opening Day bigger than any other day in the majors.

If you feel the urge to grab a player, which likely means giving up on another player you’ve researched all offseason, then think about June 10, 2007.

On that day, Raul Casanova, Craig Counsell, Mike Fontenot, Mark Grudzielanek, Brendan Harris, Miguel Olivo, Tony Pena, Robb Quinlan and Marco Scutaro all homered on the same day in what I have termed, “The Day Light-Hitters Struck Back!”

It was just another random day during a six-month MLB regular season.

Just like Opening Day.

Gonos and Emack used to host Opening Day festivities at CBSSports.com, grilling up hot dogs, drinking lots of beer, getting into fistfights, throwing up in the bathroom … It’s weird that we don’t work there anymore. (Note: Grilling hot dogs actually DID happen.)

Download the PDF e-book, “101 Fantasy Baseball Tips” here, at 101FantasyTips.com, for just 99 cents. You can’t buy a cup of coffee for that anymore! … Although, I think you could feed a child in Africa for a couple weeks … but still …

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