Fantasy Baseball Week 2: 3 Up, 3 Down


I was on my first run in approximately 3 years earlier this week,  a very slow run, and of course thought about my 3 Up, 3 Down column. I also thought of plenty of other things like my muscle pain, sex, aging, eating better, sex, Fantasy Baseball, steak and sex again. I blame the endorphins and testosterone rush for thinking about Fantasy Baseball. I simply can’t help it.

In all honesty though, I did make the correlation between starting slow, like when running for the first time and as lame as it sounds the motto “Baseball is a Marathon, not a Race”. It may be annoying, but it is true. Fantasy Baseball is no different. It is a very long season, and there are plenty of players who are on torrid streaks who will be nothing but a fizzle in the pan come week 8.

Or there are the slow starters like Justin Upton, and Yasiel Puig who have their owners jumping ship and trying to trade them because clearly a 10 game or less sample size is large enough to disown a player for the season. I blame this on what I call the “Fantasy Football Converts”. Many of our dear friends aren’t as familiar with Fantasy Baseball and have the belief that if they start off 0-3, or in the bottom of the league after three weeks they are finished. In Football sure, that may be true but not in baseball. It is a long season and you have time  to make moves if needed. Players WILL heat up and slump. Prospects will get the call, and injuries will continue to amass. That is the beauty of Fantasy Baseball, but heed my warning, if you are in panic mode I beg of you to hold your trigger finger on those trade offers, and wait it out a bit……unless you are dealing with a panicky owner yourself. Then you need to pounce.

Three Up

These three players are trending upward and we should react accordingly.

3. Chris Colabello, 1B/OF, Minnesota

What can be said about the first few weeks this guy has had? Essentially coming out of nowhere and at one point lead the league in RBI (he is now in top 5). However, as expected he is showing signs of cooling off already from Week 1, but he is still playing everyday, and remains a viable waiver wire target for your bench or utility spots if need be. With a slash line of .278/.316/.477 and those 11 RBI I mentioned earlier, Colabello could be a nice hot hand to ride for a while longer. He is cooling, so beware and be ready to cut bait if need be. Owned in 30% of Yahoo leagues currently.

2. Jose Abreu, 1B, Chicago White Sox

Abreu has left no doubt that he is worth his contract already. Photo by: Dustin Nosler

Abreu has left no doubt that he is worth his contract already. Photo by: Dustin Nosler

Abreu was one of the most hyped, and also most unknown players at Fantasy Drafts this season. He is fueling his admirers passion for his potential already with a fantastic start. Slashing .300/.383/.725 along with 4 HR, and league leading 14 RBI he is not dissapointing so far, and one would assume he can keep it up all season. His power is real, and if you were lucky enough to draft him you are overjoyed. Either way, Abreu makes for an exciting player to watch all season long whether you own him or not.

1. Jose Fernandez, SP, Miami

I know, I know, there was no doubt after last season, but if there was even a smidgeon of doubt on Fernandez’s talents it needs to be gone. For good. He is a pure talent, and has started off this season right where he left off with 2 quality starts, 17 k’s and a minuscule ERA of .0711. He is pitching Friday night, but I seriously doubt he will struggle too much to bump him out of the top 3 pitchers in the rankings so far. Fernandez is an absolute pleasure to watch, and he clearly is having fun dominating his powerless competition every time he takes the mound.


Three Down

Now for the bad news — these three players are officially struggling.

3. Jedd Gyorko, 2B, San Diego

I stressed it was a long season earlier, and with Gyorko I really mean it. One of my favorite players for 2014, and the player I drafted to most in all of my leagues his slow start has been painful to watch. I know it is early, and he will turn things around but it could take a while longer. Give him some more time, and perhaps after that first Home Run of the season, he will be firing on all cylinders and reach his full potential. No matter how I spin it though a line of .125/.222/.156 is not pretty, and I am benching him anywhere I can until his bat heats up.

2. Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

Andrew McCutchen, 2014 Fantasy Outfielder Rankings

Andrew McCutchen  is sluggish so far, but he will heat up soon. Photo Credit: Sports Crazy

I have seen a few trades happen with McCutchen already from owners who are doubting him after 10 games. It doesn’t make sense, but if you look at his numbers so far it hasn’t been a great start for the Pittsburgh star. He will be fine, just bide your time and suffer through his pokey start of .212/.395/.303. If you have a solid option who is performing well to replace him in your lineup with go for it, but he is a first round talent and when he heats up….look out.

1. Shelby Miller, SP, Saint Louis Cardinals

I am legitimately concerned with Miller and his performance since late last season. He is not injured, or at least that is what the Cardinals believe, but something is off with him and the start of his 2014 season has not looked promising at all. Slumps are expected, especially with hitters, but with pitchers, especially of Miller’s caliber it is always concerning.

Starting off 0-2, with 6.35 era and only 7 strikeouts in 11 innings is not Miller-esque numbers. I am worried but if his next start dazzles my nerves will be at ease. I certainly hope that is what happens, but as always fear for the worse. Hold tight on him if you own him, but don’t buy yet, just in case he turns it around.

Be sure to stay tuned to davidgonos.com for more from myself and others throughout the season, and for those Daily Fantasy Sports addicts like myself, be sure to check out DailyFantasyDaily.com for links, advice, and recommendations every day! Thanks for reading about Fantasy Baseball Week 2, and good luck the rest of the week.

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