Fantasy Football: Draft Strategy Rounds 5-12

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The draft continues, and this will be part two of the Draft Strategy series. In case you missed the first two parts of the series check them out here: Prepping for the prep and Draft Strategy Part 1. This time we will be plowing through the fifth to twelfth rounds. These rounds are more of the needs based rounds while juggling value, breakout players, and roster needs. If you have followed my strategy you are likely without a quarterback or a tight end. You will also be balanced with a few running backs and wide receivers accordingly. Don’t worry about kickers or defenses yet, we will begin filling those needs in the final four to five rounds of your draft.

We had sample draft in rounds 1-4 and we will continue on with that and keep building a roster that will make you competitive and championship bound.

These are the rounds where you will find aging veterans, over-hyped pre-season talents, and plenty of other third tier or lower running backs and wide receivers. There are rounds aplenty to cover so we will get in to it.

Draft Strategy Round By Round

Round 5

It may be safe to assume the top three quarterbacks have been taken by round four. If not they simply have to be considered here. If they have been taken I would still hold tight for at least one more round. Same thing goes for tight ends. This is a very big round for young, and potential breakout receivers. Receivers like Michael Floyd, Cordarrelle Patterson, and DeSean Jackson who is coming off a huge 2013 on a new team are around based on ADP’s, however I have seen Cordarrelle and Floyd going as early as late round 3 or four. If they are still available here it would be hard to pass up.


Michael Floyd should be poised for a breakout season. Photo By: Broderick Delaney

Michael Floyd should be poised for a breakout season. Photo By: Broderick Delaney

Pick 2 overall: Michael Floyd– doubtful he is available here much longer, but for ADP sake he is here) Reality pick: Percy Harvin

Pick 7 Overall: Shane Vereen– New England backfield is usually a messy question mark, but Vereen is a solidified pass catching and third down back. Plenty of upside and talent.

Pick 11 Overall: Torrey Smith– Gets plenty of targets, and in new offense should be in line for great season.

Round 6

Ok, it’s Quarterback or tight end time for me if any of the top five are still available. Obviously if a talented receiver or running back is floating around you may need to snag him. Consider that if you look at the top 12 quarterbacks, there isn’t that much disparity in point totals from QB five through 12. Tight Ends are also becoming a deeper position. So if you are willing to wait and are not too worried about filling your starting lineup go ahead and wait another round.

Pick 11 Overall: Matt Ryan– Healthy Julio Jones and Roddy White should make for another great season for Ryan. With the long wait before next pick in round 7, wouldn’t risk a quarterback run.

Pick 7 Overall: Jeremy Maclin– He’s the new number 1 in Philly and should be set for a solid year. Especially if Jordan Matthews continues to develop.

Pick 2 Overall: Joique Bell– This is another ADP, I don’t buy as lasting much longer, but if so I take him for his pass catching and play-making ability every time he is on the field.

Round 7

Now it is really Quarterback time. Round seven has been my quarterback round in most leagues this year, and I have been relatively successful. Again, if your league over values quarterbacks you may have fewer options, but if you assume that even if 8 of the 12 owners have quarterbacks, you and three others are the only ones searching. Now is a good time to strike. If you did snag a quarterback, then this is a great round to go tight end with plenty of solid second to third tier options.

Tony Romo, QB, Dallas -- Fantasy Football Draft Comparisons

Pick 2 Overall: Greg Olsen– Waiting another round on my quarterback here and I am taking a consistent and reliable tight end here.

Pick 7 Overall: Tony Romo relatively consistent Fantasy quarterback, I can live with up or down games from my quarterback, especially if the rest of my lineup is solid. Plus he has Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray on his team, and they are pretty good weapons last time I checked.

Pick 11 Overall: Lamar Miller is a running back who has looked good, and has secured the lead back role in Miami this season. His value this late is worth it for a third or fourth running back.

Round 8

This round is the last round where I consider a position particular targets. If you need a quarterback, tight end get them now or in round 8 and 9. From round 9 and on, it becomes a bench filling drill and in a sense taking best value, or your rookie flyer picks. Have fun with it, pay attention to bye weeks and don’t take a defense or kicker until your final rounds!

Pick 11 Overall: Kyle Rudolph– Now I get my tight end, and Rudolph is my guy and has enormous potential for his value this year. You can read my views on Rudolph here by the way … Kyle Rudolph and value tight ends

Pick 7 overall: Pierre Thomas In a standard league Thomas has modest value, but if your league is a PPR format he is a great late round pick. Thomas should be in line once again for 50-70 catches in the high-powered Saints offense.

Pick 2 Overall: Jay Cutler– Three lethal weapons, makes Cutler a steal and if he stays healthy should be a top 5-10 value quarterback . Well worth the wait.

Round 9

Pick 2 Overall: Brandin Cooks– His flashy preseason has helped Cooks’ ADP skyrocket. Another weapon who looks to thrive in that Saints offense.

Pick 7 Overall: Rueben Randle– The Giants offense has not looked good, but Randle should be a highly targeted and red-zone weapon this season.

Pick 11 Overall: Terrance WestBen Tate may be the man in Cleveland for now, but his track record leads one to believe he will get hurt, or lose carries eventually. West has looked solid and should be a factor this season. He is also better built for goal line carries.

Round 10


Pick 11 Overall: Bernard Pierce– He has looked slightly better than Ray Rice so far this season, and will certainly get touches and could be a factor with injury, suspension or simply take the job.

Pick 7 Overall: Mike Evans– The rookie receiver should be a useful weapon from week 1 and be a nice target in the red zone in Tampa alongside Vincent Jackson. He has even passed Sammy Watkins on many experts Rookie receiving rankings.

Pick 2 Overall: DeAndre Hopkins– A second year receiver who many believe is poised for a breakout season. If this ADP holds up, it is great potential value.

Round 11

Terrance West at camp. Photo from: Erik Daniel Drost

Terrance West at camp. Photo from: Erik Daniel Drost

Pick 2 Overall: Andy Dalton– Not a terrible time to get a potential top 10 quarterback, especially as a backup. Also make note not to take backups on the same bye week!

Pick 7 Overall: Carlos Hyde– He has looked very good, and has great hands. He is behind the very old and high mileage runner Frank Gore who everyone expects to breakdown but hasn’t quite yet. Hyde is the future in San Francisco, and could become a factor in 2014.

Pick 11 Overall: Hakeem Nicks– You hear Nicks’ name and you think of nothing but disappointment, but now he is in a new uniform and has one of the future elite quarterbacks chucking him the ball. Could bust, or could be a steal.

Round 12

Pick 11 Overall: Jeremy Hill– This is another deep flyer but he will likely be sharing some touches with Bernard in Cincy, and if something should happen, he will be the man.

Pick 7 Overall: Eric Ebron– Rookie tight end who should be rock solid in this high-powered offense. Traditionally rookie tight ends aren’t spectacular so temper expectations.

Pick 2 Overall: Kelvin Benjamin– He has looked to be Cam Newton‘s top target so far and if that is the case he could put up some nice numbers

 The Rosters

This is the end product of the imaginary ADP based Fantasy draft through twelve rounds. Obviously, as noted throughout, things may not always fall in to place as ADP projects, but there is enough flexibility and other options to follow the strategies for each draft position. I would gladly take all of these teams and think the strategy to wait on tight end and quarterback will play out nicely

Pick 2 Overall:

RB- LeSean McCoy

WR- Jordy Nelson

WR- Antonio Brown

RB- Bishop Sankey

WR- Michael Floyd

RB- Joique Bell

TE- Greg Olsen

QB- Jay Cutler

WR- Brandin Cooks

WR- DeAndre Hopkins

QB- Andy Dalton

RB- Andre Williams

Pick 7 Overall:

WR-Demaryius Thomas

WR- Brandon Marshall

RB- Andre Ellington

RB- Rashad Jennings

RB- Shane Vereen

WR- Jeremy Maclin

QB- Tony Romo

RB- Pierre Thomas

WR- Rueben Randle

WR- Mike Evans

RB- Carlos Hyde

TE- Eric Ebron

Pick 11 Overall:

WR- Dez Bryant

WR- A.J. Green

RB- Ryan Mathews

RB- Toby Gerhart

WR- Torrey Smith

QB- Matt Ryan

RB- Lamar Miller

TE- Kyle Rudolph

RB- Terrance West

RB- Bernard Pierce

WR- Hakeem Nicks

WR- Kelvin Benjamin

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