Hot or Not Players — Who Can You Trust!?!

Chris Davis, Orioles, Hot or Not Players

It’s time to look at some underperforming players you might consider buying low or selling low in the first third of the Fantasy Baseball season.

True, you should be extra cautious about trading for underperforming players or trading away ones you drafted in the early rounds.

But this is also an opportune time to take advantage of some overly frustrated owners that might be on the lookout for a deal to get rid of one or two of their underperforming players. Who doesn’t want to pass on a headache?

For you, though, this is a chance to get a normally good player at a discounted rate.

Not Hot Players to Target

Victor Martinez, DH, Detroit

V-Mart is one of those solid, park-your-money-in-him players.

Victor Martinez, Tigers - Hot or Not Players

Tigers DH Victor Martinez has been slow to get going this season, but he’s a good buy-low candidate on a high-scoring team. Photo Credit: Russell Griner

Twenty homers? Check.

One hundred or so RBI? Check.

He has had a miserable batting average to start to the season, but he also missed an entire year. He is a prime buy-low candidate. He will bounce back and he plays on an awesome team. He will be in the lineup when healthy. Go make some offers for him!

Selling Low: You will find it hard to sell VMart low. There is not a lot of confidence in an aging catcher with a BA like his. More importantly, there is an abundance of useful catchers out there. Don’t bother.

Acceptable deal: Try and offer players who are wildly exceeding their career norms – like Vernon Wells, Josh Donaldson and Daniel Murphy – for VMart. But only do this if you need a catcher and no solid catchers are available. I am confident VMart will bounce back strong, but it is worth remembering he is older and probably more banged up then when he put up some of those more gaudy numbers.

Giancarlo Stanton, OF, Miami

An early season injury derailed the former Mike Stanton. If you can land him in a deal for a hot starter (Starling Marte, anyone?) then you will enjoy the benefits when he returns.

Jose Reyes, SS, Toronto

See Stanton, Giancarlo. I had him pegged as the second-best SS option to start to season. When he returns (which won’t be long now) there’s no real reason to downgrade him.

Jason Heyward, OF, Atlanta

An absolute horrid start and pressure from slugger Evan Gattis have conspired to take plenty of the shine off Heyward. Don’t fret — his BA will rise and his power will return. An absolute “buy low” in trade talks.

Selling Low: Don’t.

Acceptable deal: Target Stanton with players who (like VMart) are wildly exceeding expectations. Did you add Travis Hafner? Package him with Mitch Moreland and take a shot. Or Gattis.

Other buy-low options: Every single player in the don’t trade/acceptable deal column (if you are buying, then hope the other manager didn’t read this). Also: R.A. Dickey, Kris Medlen, Brandon Morrow, B.J. Upton, Ike Davis. (Just kidding on Davis. Checking if you were asleep. Seriously, though, he’s the worst hitter in Fantasy Baseball right now.)


Do You Believe in These Hot Players?


Chris Davis, 1B/OF, Baltimore

Absolutely. With a .353 BA and a good BB/K ratio. This dude has arrived.

Carlos Gomez, OF, Milwaukee

No. He strikes out WAY too much and essentially never walks. His BA will drop dramatically. Power is real and speed is real.

Chris Davis, Orioles, Hot or Not Players

Orioles 1B Chris Davis is on pace for 58 home runs and 152 RBI this season. Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Manny Machado, 3B, Baltimore

Yes. This kid is a beast. If you have him, you’re going to enjoy the ride. If you don’t…it’s too late.

Mark Reynolds, 1B, Cleveland

No. He is having a great season by any standard, but I expect regression on his current BA and his power to continue. But he is still (from the looks of it) going to strike out 150-plus times and hit about .230. Except with 35-plus homers. Hey – he’s Mark Reynolds.

Nate McClouth, OF, Baltimore

Yes. His 1:1 BB/K ratio is pretty impressive. Tons of speed. A total Draft Day bargain!


Here is the keeper team I drafted this season. Think I don’t follow my own advice? I can tell you no lies – it’s been rough. But you have to ride it out.

Hot or Not Hot or Not players

Hopefully, as you look through the first few months of this season, wondering which of the hot or not players are for real, you’ll be right more than you are wrong. You can follow me on Twitter @MullinSports.

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