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NFL Draft History 101– Infographic


ESPN posted a great infographic from the people at, detailing some great NFL Draft history.

Some of the things that jumped out at me about this graphic are:

  • Jay Berwanger was Bo Jackson before Bo Jackson? Neither of them signed with the teams that drafted them No. 1 overall (Berwanger-Eagles, Jackson-Bucs). I actually wrote about Jackson’s impact on the sports world and how his decisions changed the fate of about several franchises including the Yankees, Angels, Buccaneers and Raiders.
  • I desperately missed the 12-round NFL Draft from the ’80s.
  • Shocked that Auburn has reached the grandeur of the Notre Dames and Southern Cals, with five overall No. 1 picks.
  • It’s funny how the draft has become so much more scrutinized in the past couple decades, yet players like James Harrison and Kurt Warner were still able to go undrafted.

Enjoy the infographic — and enjoy the NFL Draft!


NFL Draft History

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