One-Man, 12-Team Fantasy Football Mock Draft for 2013

Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Some argue whether a Fantasy Football mock draft will help multiple people figure out what to expect in their upcoming drafts, but I don’t think anyone will argue how helpful doing a mock draft yourself really is. It’s one of the only exercises in the world that people just flat out enjoy. If only mock push-ups were as fun!

So I thought I would do a quick one-man Fantasy Football mock draft this morning, using my Top 200 rankings, and share my results.

I’m going to use the Draft Wizard, powered by FantasyPros.com, to run my mock draft. (If you haven’t gotten a chance to do this free tool yet, I highly suggest it. As a matter of fact, it made the list for my favorite free Fantasy Football draft tools this summer.)

We’re going to do a 12-team mock draft with a standard scoring system (non-PPR), and three starting wide receivers are required in the lineup … Let’s do this. I can also choose my draft order spot, so for this mock’s purposes, I’m going to pick right in the middle – No. 7.

I have the options to draft against ESPN’s ADP, CBS’ ADP, Fantasy Football Calculator’s ADP, the FantasyPros’ Experts Rankings, or a combination of ADP and Experts Rankings. (I chose the default, which is the combination of ADP and rankings.)

One-Man, 12-Team Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Here are the results, along with some notes as I go. We’re doing six bench spots, also.

1.07 Marshawn Lynch, RB, SEA

Had the choice between him and LeSean McCoy, after Calvin Johnson, C.J. Spiller and Jamaal Charles were selected ahead of me.

2.06 Brandon Marshall, WR, CHI

I’m a firm believer in getting two VERY good running backs early, then moving on to wide receiver. But in this case, both Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall were available, and Chris Johnson was the next running back. (The draft tool tells me that 55 percent of mock drafters would choose Bryant when faced with this dilemma.)

3.07 Frank Gore, RB, San Francisco

Yep, as expected the running backs dried up quickly, whereas I could have gone with CJ2K in the second round and had the chance to draft Roddy White or Vincent Jackson here. I took Gore, with Reggie Bush, Lamar Miller, and David Wilson available.

4.06 Marques Colston, WR, New Orleans

Quarterbacks are flying off the board, but I refuse to bite this early, with Matthew Stafford as the best option left.

5.07 Le’Veon Bell, RB, Pittsburgh

Stafford is still available – not for me right now. I’ll take the big rookie in Pittsburgh.

6.06 Ryan Mathews, RB, San Diego

Only four tight ends gone at this point, too. Nine quarterbacks are gone, with Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck the best of the rest. I like Mathews more than most, so I’ll go RB4 here – and I’m not crazy about it. The best WRs available are Stevie Johnson, Greg Jennings and Cecil Shorts.

Andrew Luck, Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Did you know Colts QB Andrew Luck had the third-best rookie Fantasy season for a QB ever? Photo Credit: Kukuman

7.07 Andrew Luck, QB, Indianapolis

Well, I ended up with the 12th quarterback taken, but I’m actually pretty OK with it. I like Luck a lot this season, and it surprises me that he’s considered a borderline Fantasy starter in this mock.

8.06 Kyle Rudolph, TE, Minnesota

9.07 T.Y. Hilton, WR, Indianapolis

Almost took Hilton in the eighth, but was able to get him on the comeback, to pair with his quarterback.

10.06 Justin Blackmon, WR, Jacksonville

My first backup WR is suspended for the first four games, but he should be a starting option for me once he returns. Two defenses have been taken at this point.

11.07 Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh

Considering I was one of the last to take a quarterback, I don’t mind being one of the first to take a quality Fantasy backup.

12.06 DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Houston

13.07 Daniel Thomas, RB, Miami

14.06 Green Bay Packers, DST

15.07 Garrett Hartley, K, New Orleans

I like the team I drafted, but it’ll be interesting to see how different the top half is if I draft in the top three picks, or the bottom three picks, of the first round.

Analysis of Mock Draft

At the end of the draft, you have the option to click “ANALYZE DRAFT” and after you click it, it shows how your team looks overall (I ranked first with a 1000 score!) and where just your starters rank (I rank ninth with a 716 score, Booooo!) This tells me I have great depth, but I’m not strong in my weekly lineups. Good to know!

When I click on the Team Analysis tab, it tells me my strongest position is wide receiver and my weakest is quarterback. I have the top-ranked bench, the fifth-best wide receiver group and the sixth-best tight ends.


I’d love to see your one-man Fantasy Football mock draft results, if you’d like to post them in the comments section below!

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